Jaden Park + Ran.EXE

Name: Jaden Park
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black, but it has a tendency to change in lighting to gray
Skin Tone: A little tan
Height/Weight: 5'10 (5'11 if standing straight) 150lbs
Overall Appearance: Tall and skinny, Jaden has a runner's body. He has a thin frame that doesn't boast much upper body strength. He has short black hair and likes his hair kinda short, but long enough that the tips of his bangs reach his eyes. His brown eyes blend well with his black hair and Asian features. An odd quirk is that his right eye is slightly smaller then his left, but it's not noticeable unless under scrutiny.

Clothing: Not one to bother with fashion, Jaden likes casual clothes with simple designs. He's usually found in a red windbreaker or black jacket left unzipped and a simple grey or light blue t-shirt with a picture of something (something usually music related EX. Headphones) and a pair of jeans. He wears a necklace with a small fang on it and will often have his ear phones on. He normally has a serious look on his face, but if he's with his friends you'll either see him frustrated or laughing depending on the situation. A person that has a self esteem problem, Jaden is a sloucher, his shoulders are always slightly slumped and he walks as if he's carrying a weight on his shoulders.

Personality:A person that hates to bother other people, Jaden is someone that finds it hard to ask someone for something, whether it be a favor or to hang out. Rather shy at first glance, he is a person that opens up to anyone that he's close with. A rational person, he tries to stay away from dangerous situations and tries to stop his friends from doing something that will have serious consequences. He will however watch his friends do something stupid, and have a laugh at their expense while saying "Told 'cha"

A person that's view of the world is entirely situational; his mood can and will jump between cynical to a realistic optimism. His moods have been jumping around lately.

A listener, Jaden originally didn't feel comfortable talking to others, and making conversations with other, but now he enjoys listening to people. He likes to learn about their problems, their hobbies, their life, it makes him feel like he can see a small glimpse into their world. When he does speak, he sometimes finds trouble making his words convey what he is trying to say. He knows how to be tactful, but will often say something blunt that may be hurtful. When he realizes what he said might hurt someone he will apologize to them right away.

Since he's always trying to manipulate the situation to make sure he or his friends are safe he's become good at telling lies. A twisted Asian upbringing mixed with American values clashes with his friends modern influence, this has given Jaden a rather odd sense of honor. He often finds himself confused with a lot of the slang and terms that everyone uses.

PET Modifications: A red and black color scheme. Jaden had his PET customized with a high quality camera, music player and a tiny storage hold for his ear phones.

Name: Ran.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Ran wears a slightly tattered black blazer over light armor colored black and red. His right hand is covered by a fingerless glove with his symbol, a pistol, on the back. He has soft red eyes, and slightly long pitch black hair. His symbol is also printed on the left shoulder of his blazer.

Personality: Ran is a Navi of whims. He's the devil on Jaden's shoulder. Most of the time he'll be the one to convince Jaden to do something he normally wouldn't so they both can have some fun. He's fun loving, and enjoys any kind of action. Whether it's fighting, playing some sort of game or even just ripping on other Navis or Jaden himself.

Ran often makes light of situations. He'll enjoy a battle and even when losing he'll make jokes and insult his opponent. If he gets hurt or even damaged, he'll shrug it off without a care, he'll even shrug off a Navi getting beaten if it can fight. But if he sees someone hurting someone that can't defend themselves he'll intervene. He take his job as Jaden's Navi seriously and does get depressed if he does hurt Jaden seriously.

Custom Weapon: Data Gun Colt Custom. A customized pistol, light weight and capable of both rapid fire and charge shots.
Signature Attack: Tranquil Bullet. The first of many of Ran's special bullets. An Aqua damaging bullet that stuns the enemy. (30 Damage, Paralyze, 2TCD)

Navi Custom: Undershirt, HP+50

Quote (HeroSlayer)

Signature Attack: ? I'm not really sure how to do this. I read the sig attack page, and, well I'm still confused. I would like to have a Paralyzing shot attack, but I'm not sure how much damage it would do?

You start out with 60 signature points, which you can use for damage and special effects. It's a bit confusing at first, so I'll point you in the right direction. From what it sounds like you're looking for, I'd look at the "General Debuffs" section of the Signature Attack Effect List. I'll give you an example of what you can get with the 60 points you have.

30dmg Aqua {worth 30 sig points} + Stun {worth 30 sig points} + 2TCD {It's 1 TCD for every 40 sig points you use in a sig, so since this used all 60, it's 2 Turn CoolDown}

Though you start out with only 60 points, you can purchase more as you get zenny from battles, and then you can make more powerful attacks.

Also, please pick one of the following NC programs: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
Okay, added the sig attack, and the navi custom piece I want.
Please change the Paralyze in your sig to "Stun." ((That's the proper term))
Other than that: Approved

-CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw
-NCP: Undershirt, HP+50
-SUBCHIPS: MiniEnergy x2

((Post your Navi and NetOp in their appropriate places in the databases, and put all pertinent Navi stats and info in your signature. Look at the signature/new users rules threads to know what I'm talking about.))