Virus Name: IceStat/IceSculpt/IcEquest
Attack Damage: 0 + Freeze/0 +Freeze/0-50 + Freeze
Accuracy: B
HP: 100/140/200
Element: Aqua

Description: The Sculpture series is a recreation of renowned works of art such as Kritios Boy, Rodin's The Thinker, and the Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, respectively, in ice. The first two of the series are positioned on ice blocks and practically immobile. The virus has evolved in its third stage by being on a horse, able to charge through to the enemies, while also being granted mobility.

Attack Description: The Sculpture series can all simply breathe a frosty stream of air at the opponent in the direct line of sight. The Equestrian has the ability to charge forward, trampling enemies with its horse of ice.

Special: Statue/Sculpture: Immobile
Equestrian: Rendered Immobile at below half HP.

Chip Name: IceStat1/2/3
Description: Summons an Ice Sculpture of Rodin's The Thinker to the field. As long as the object stays on the field, you are granted Freeze to one attack a turn.
HP: 100/140/200
Properties: Normal
Damage Method: Throw, Knockback, Airshot, Telekinesis
Object Damage: 50+ Freeze/70 + Freeze/100 + Freeze
Accuracy: S
Duration: 3 turns or until Destroyed.