((Again, I know it is after deadline, but I just wanted to have made the idea. Thought someone else would))

LifePlant/ SalvationTree/ GodWood-
HP: 120 / 160 / 200
Element: Wood
Description: The life tree is a small tree that is unremarkable except for 2 large glowing green fruits on it, that look as though they are made of energy. While any of the fruits are on the tree, everything within a blast3 zone around it is healed for 30 damage at the start of every turn, as the area is filled with a healing green mist.

Salvation Tree is the same, except that it is now a full sized tree and has 3 fruits. The GodWood is a massive tree and has 4. The fruit can be targeted individually, any damage destroys one. It gains a new one every turn.

If a player gets within this range of the tree, it will begin throwing the fruit at opponents with its branches, the green fruit explodes on contact. It is very accurate within 3 squares. It is very inaccurate beyond that.

Effect: On hit 40/60/80 Wood Damage - Blast3 Recovery40/60/80
The Navi summons a ball of green energy in their hand. When thrown it will explode into a blast of healing green mist. Though the target that was hit takes damage, everything else in a Blast 3 area is healed.