((I am aware that this almost certainly wont be accepted, that is fine. I just wanted to make it suddenly))

DrinkingBird/ CrazyBird/ MadBird-
HP: 120 / 180 / 240
Damage: Special
Element: Aqua

Description: Looks like a large bird with an capped yellow nose for a beak, two light blue, rigid legs that hold the body, and a fluid filled tube for a neck/torso. Every turn it bobbles up awkwardly then hits its head against the ground, doing damage to itself. It looks much like drinking bird in real life. Crazy Birds are a medium-blue and wear a bowler hat that falls of if they throw themselves. Mad Birds are navy blue and have a top hat.

Each turn the bird will arch its head back and hit its head on the ground, doing 20, 30, or 40 damage to itself. If this ever drops it below 100/150/200 health, its head explodes in a wide area doing damage equal to its remaining health (Blast 3). If it knows its opponent is fair away, it can throw its head/neck clear of its body in an arch. This does the same amount of damage to it, but if the body does not break upon hitting the ground, it will squirm for a few moments, fail to explode, then die.

Damage:100/150/200 Blast1, Microburst(if direct hit)
Accuracy:A/D(see below)
The user's arm turns into a bomb, with a fake bird's head on top. If the beak is hit against or near an object, the arm will explode. The arm can be used in one of two ways, either striking at or near a target with it, in which case it is A accuracy, or detaching the arm and throwing it at the target. In this case it is not only awkward, but there is only a 50% chance of it going off.
Damage to yourself from use of the bomb is reduced by half, as the blast is directed away from you.