Akua Akybi and DiDiver.EXE

Name: Akua Akybi (pronounced uh-coo-uh uh-key-bee)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Akua generally looks like anyone else in his age group, aside from a few family marks that were passed down to him through Akybi tradition. His medium length black hair is normally fairly straight, but a chunk of his bangs has been dyed silver as apart of his family's tradition. The silver trademark just barely gets in the way of his brown eyes, constantly reminding Akua of his heritage. As of late, Akua has been wearing a black beanie to hide his mark.

Akua is regularly seen wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt with an upside-down white triangle on his chest. The triangle is the family's fishing logo, which has been used in the Akybi family for generations. His black pants and matching black shoes finish off his look, making him generally average aside from the streak of silver hair on his head. Most of the time Akua can be seen wearing a blue fishing jacket to accompany his beanie. There is also an upside-down white triangle over the heart of his jacket.

Personality: Akua can generally be described as the rebel of the family. His dad's constant badgering to fish and to one day run their small fishing shop has made Akua hostile against him and the profession. He also isn't a fan of all of his family's stupid traditions, which generally makes him dislike his family. This house hold discontent isn't even noticable when talking to Akua however. Generally, he isn't afraid to embarrass himself or take chances that could be dire, which at times puts him and his navi in awkward situations. He lives life by the moment and tries not to look back, although it becomes difficult to do at times thanks to his Navi. Most of the time, Akua is simple minded and lazy, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty when the time arises. Akua doesn't care too much about details, leaving boring stuff like that up to his Navi.

Back History: Rebellion and Akua have become best friends in the Akybi family. Akua has generally always been against his father's modest lifestyle and even more so against his overbearing hope that Akua will one day continue on the Akybi tradition. All of his life Akua has been dragged along like any other kid has been by their father. This constant overwatching continued up to Akua's 18th birthday when his dad modified his PET as part of the Akybi Right-Of-Passage. Akua didn't take too kindly to the expectation to follow in his dad's footsteps and finally snapped. Taking his PET, he stormed out of the house with no plans of returning, leaving his family and heritage behind.

PET Modifications: Akua's PET is really nothing special. He's had it for ages, and still uses a long ethernet cord to jack into the internet. His father fiddled with it for his 18th birthday and gave it a blue theme with the family logo over the battery cover. Under the logo, a small message can be made out: "Make me proud son. Love, Dad."

Name: DiDiver.EXE (pronounced Die-Diver)
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Variable
Appearance: DiDiver can generally be described as...er...a diver. His body, covered in a navy blue wetsuit, gives him a generally sleek and simple look. Blue wristbands extend halfway up his forearms and go slightly over his hands, which is part of how he accesses his Di Buster+. These pieces of armor are also placed on both of DiDiver's shins, extending down to his navy blue boots. On his chest is the infamous upside-down white triangle, compliments of Akua's father.

DiDiver's face looks like one who's seen many years, although that's just to top off his parenting personality. His spikey black hair along with his lazy, yet serious eyes are accompanied by a blue tinted glass that acts as a face mask over his mouth. Instead of the face mask being completely smooth like a bubble, it is made up of several small rectangles, although they are not too numerous. On both sides of the face mask are small oxygen tubes that help accommodate him for underwater battle.

Personality: DiDiver essentially acts as Akua's conscious. When his human operator decides to dive into something, DiDiver is normally against it. Confident, collected, and reasonable, DiDiver generally pulls both his and Akua's weight when getting things done. Their relationship has always been like this, until just recently when Akua's dad tinkered with his PET.

Back history: DiDiver.EXE is an upgraded version of Akua's old Navi, Di.EXE. There really wasn't anything special about Di, aside from his parenting personality. The two got along well, and were both content with how they were. However, when Akua's dad went to tamper with his PET, the question to upgrade to a more aquatic style came up to Di. It was going to be a surprise and was intended to encourage Akua to follow in his father's footsteps and take over their fishing business. Di willingly agreed to this upgrade, wanting the best for his partner.

Custom Weapon: Di Buster+: There's really nothing special about this weapon. Its just a standard buster cannon, but has been just slightly upgraded. DiDiver can access it on either his left or right arm VIA his blue arm plates, but he cannot use them both at the same time.

Signature Attack:

~Water Balloon?~
Named after Akua himself, this attack acts generally like its name. DiDiver throws a bomb at the opponent, which explodes with -you guessed it- water. The attack spreads, dealing equal damage to anything in its path.
Damage: 30; Aqua; Blast2

NaviCust piece desired: SetSea
Looks good to me.


-CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw
-NCP: Undershirt, SetSea
-SUBCHIPS: MiniEnergy x2