Name: Kurai.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Shadow
Appearance: Kurai is a somewhat big navi, 1,82 too be exact. His body structure is humanoid, dark purple, with triangle shaped marking on his arms and stomach. He got white sharp teeth and his head is shaped with three "tentacles" sticking out of his backhead. He also got golden "boomerangs" one upside down on his chest, one on his right arm, one on his left arm, and the same on his legs. His eyes is black with a red iris that glows in the dark.
Personality: He is corrupted. And that is at full serious, as he was a usual normalnavi until his AI bugged and made him crazy. He likes too pester other Navi's and is known as a common troublemaker. When in a hard situation or a sticky battle, he is known too bring out a laughter.
Custom Weapon: Boomerang. Kurai takes one of his boomerangs and throws it at the enemy. As all other boomerangs, it will return too the spot from where it was thrown. When charged, the boomerang will keep flying around for a while.
Signature Attack: Glitch scythe. 30 dmg. 2 turns of TCD. Kurai takes up one of his favourite weapons. The glitch scythe. Its a big black scythe with a flame shaped, light purple blade. The scythe got the range of a normal sword and will give a short stun.

Please bear with me. I am new too this.
-When you register, you also need to register a NetOp. Please read the registration rules to see what you need to put in your registration.

-For your Custom Weapon, please describe what the "charge shot" attack would be like.

-As for your sig, there are no "% to do ____" effects. You either have the effect, or you don't. This eliminates guesswork for mods. If you wanted what you seem to say in your Sig, it would be 45dmg x3 (WideSword range) + Stun x3, and that is WAY more than the 60 points you have as a starting player. Here's an example of a sig that would work for you:

Glitch Scythe: 30dmg (30 points) + Slashing (free) + Stun (30 points)
Total points: 60, so it would require 2 Turns to Cool down.

Quote ()

Glitch Scythe:  Kurai takes up one of his favourite weapons:  the glitch scythe. Its a big black scythe with a flame shaped, light purple blade.  He then delivers a slash towards the target, capable of stunning the target temporarily  (30dmg + Slashing + Stun + 2TCD)
Ok. I'll edit the custom weopen and glitch scythe.