Halloween Virus: Banshee Family

Names: Banshee/Weight/ Quell

HP: 30/80/100

Virus description: The Banshee familly (bassed off of spirit monsters of Irish legend) may not look like much, but they posess devestating effects, and due to their nature are hard to damage. The Banshee apears as a fully transparent screeming woman. Weights are less human looking, and apear somewhat more solid. Quells apear compleatly solid, and only vaugly human.

Combat: (1/1/2 action/ turn)
Bansee Viri maynot look like it, but they are terrifying combatants. In adition to their standard Withering Touch (which deals 30/40/60 damage respectivly), and all members posessing the Shadow trait, each viri also has it's own uneique specail attack, as follows.

Banshee: Wail - The clasic trademark of a Banshee, their wail was said to fortell death. It has a haunting effect on Navis, and makes them stuned for a bit. (ATK: 20, To-All (Navi), Stun2 to all targets, useable once per battle)

Weight: Touch of Death - The touch of a true Weight was rumored to steal mens souls, and the viri Weight's touch has a similer effect on Navi, draining their energy and leaving them helpless to other attacks. (Life Drain 20, Hold5, useable once per navi).

Quell: Denial - Said to be the condmned spirit of a blaspheemer so bad that the Devil himself kicked him out, Quell were rumored to seek out holy places, and sperate them from their divine power, and wait there for any of the faith to try and purify the place, so that they can murder them. Quell viri also seperate navi's from their power, denying them the use of their signiture attacks, Navi Customizers, and chips! This is what makes the Quell truly devistating and horrifying. (NC Crash, Folder Crash, Sig Crash, To All Navi, useable once per battle)

Well, there you go, my family of horrific Irish undead. Hope you like/fear/run away saying 'pee, meet pants' after reading about them. Comments encouraged.
Seems like a very cool virus set, especially for halloween, but seriously, no chips, navicust, OR sig attacks? That leaves... busters and subtype specials. And also, that means that Quell is impossible to beat, because he has Shadow, which makes him immune to everything but sword chips. At the very least, get rid of the folder crash.

Other than that, pretty nice work.

Quote (AdamX)

At the very least, get rid of the folder crash.

Other than that, pretty nice work.

It just lasts two turns, so basically your navi is helpless for two turns untill everything comes back. Nice to know you are one of the people who introduced pee to pants.
Oh, I didn't realize that <system> crashes only lasted two turns. For a minute, I thought that you made up a virii that caused you to be unable to use anything for the entire battle. Still, that's a pretty tough virii. Although, I suppose it would only be found in tough areas.