Here are my viruses for the Halloween contest: the Bogys

HP: (V1: 50/ V2: 80/ V3: 120)
Description: It looks a lot like a giant spider , except has only five legs, it has both ram-like and bull-like horns, and is EXTREMELY hairy. Its compound eyes are extremely large. However, you wouldn't be able to tell this right away, since it is hiding behind an obsticle, usually a RockCube. All you can see are its very hairy arms sticking out, waiting to grab unsuspecting navis.
-It flails its five monstrous tentacle-arms at a navi for up to five hits of (V1: 5/ V2: 10/ V3: 15) damage per hit (max damage: V1: 25/ V2: 50/ V3: 75). Each seperate hit per attack is less acurate than the last, thus making it hard for it to always hit for the maximum damage.
- (V2/V3) It grabs a navi, pulling it into the RockCube for (V2: 30/ V3: 45) damage plus stun
- If its RockCube is destroyed, it will panic, having a 50% chance per turn of attacking with all five arms for up to five hits of (V1: 8/ V2: 13/ V3: 18) damage. However, this is more inaccurate than the normal flailing, due to panicking. The other 50% it will run.
More info: It will only appear in battles where there are obsticles. It likes to scare navis to death - particularly "child" navis - but is very cowardly when seen.


BattleChip: SmashArm1/2/3
Chip picture: Sorry for bad quality, just wanted to get across what it looks like.
Description: grabs enemies and pulls them into obsticles!
Effect: for each obsticle, this can target one enemy. It allows you to change your arms into long, furry, tentacle-like arms, and grab one enemy per obsticle to smash them into it for (V1: 20/ V2: 40/ V3:60) damage plus stun.

EDIT: If anyone has questions/comments/complaints/etc. I would be glad to hear them