Family Name: Topsy/Turvy/ Topsy-Turvy

HP: 40/70/110

Virus description: The Topsy viral family is comprised of 4-feet viruses that look like, in essence, tops with faces and arms. Their bodies are comprised of diamond-hard substance, reflecting the opponent they are facing in a funhouse mirror style. inside them, however, they have a gyroscopic central program that is key to their entire being. Their silly clown-like grin expresses their love of fun.

Combat: (1 action/ turn)
The Topsy family, while advanced with this Gyro Mechanism, are quite pathetic in combat, only able to spin and spin like the common household top. They are often playful and usually would love to play with the opponent. When ever they appear in battle, they love to give a loud giggle that readies them. If a break attack is successful, they trip and fall, losing speed and loses -10 ATK for the next turn.

-- Topsy-Turvey= Their only attack seems harmless enough as they circle the field while spinning. If it hits the poor unsuspecting navi, it confounds them, removing any defenses the navi once had within. (ATK: 20 + Confuse (Turvy/Topsy-Turvy only) + Break)

Chip based on their power:

SpinLikeTop Or SLP: (Version 1/2/3: 20/50/70 + Break) The Gyro Program becomes the triumphant navi's power! This chip enables them to shift their navi shells to that of a top reminiscent of themselves. their breaknecking speed becomes able to destroy even the heaviest of foes!