Okay, PA's suggestion time.


Description: An orb of varying tones of unidentifiable gray metal, permeated by purple lines running through it. Roughly 2 feet in diameter, the cracks created by the purple expand and contract as the orb grows slightly larger and smaller, as if it were breathing. Tiles can slide into the orb, allowing holes for weapons to come out of.

HP: 250 (V1), 500 (V2), 750 (V3)
Attack: 20 (V1), 50 (V2), 80 (V3)
Attack Accuracy: B
Attack Description: One of the tiles on the orb slides into the Orb's core, and the hole where the tile had previously been is filled by a cannon, which fires a different projectile for whatever it is currently weak to: (Note: each type of attack has an added effect)
Sword: Arrows (Piercing)
Bomb: Grenades (Wide range)
Melee: KamikazeBots (Homing)
Gun: Cannon blast (A Accuracy)

Special effect: The orb is only weak to one of the following at any given time: Sword, Bomb, Melee, or Gun type chips. It is always weak to break and the normal buster. The type of chip it is weak to is determined by a 4 number RNG. 1=Sword, 2=Bomb, 3=Melee, 4=Gun. If hit by an attack it is not weak to, the orb will take no damage and randomly shift to a different weakness.

Damage: 80/140/200, Breaking
Accuracy: B
Description: A cannon, modeled after the glitchcannon that protrudes from the orb when it attacks. Fires a small GlitchOrb at the enemy, striking at high speeds and breaking guards.

Yeah, something Omnivore and I came up with in a conversation.