The Met Dispencer was origionally suposed to be a program designed to eat and destroy mets. Sombody messed up on the coding though and created an almost indestructable machine that catches Mets and uses them as a weapon at a later date. Because of their relationship with Mets, they are almost always found with a large group of them.

Met Dispencer

HP: 150


Attack: Met Shot 40 Break. IF Met Shot misses, a random Met Type is generated (50% Met, 30% Met2, 20% Met3). This is perhaps the greatest danger of the Met Shot, that unless it hits somthing (even if it's just a Guard, Barrier, or Rock Cube), it becomes a new foe to fight, and an army could potentially be generated.


Met Shot
Break - 40 B accuracy
Met Shot is an unusual chip. When used, the navi throws one of three random Met hats, a Met, Met2, or Met3 hat to be specific. Regardless of apearance, they all cause the same amount of damage. If it misses, it does not become a Met however.