Here is my idea for the Armored virus/Break Chip combo...

HP: 90/120/150
Description: a floating, metal fist with spiked knuckles - and strangely, two thumbs. The palm-side of the whole fist is covered in metal thorns. Where the arm would be there is what looks to be a giant Mystery data, which glows eerily. The Gauntlet is silver with a gold "Mystery data wrist," the DarkGauntlet black with a dark purple "Mystery Data", and the TerraGauntlet gold with a dark green "Mystery Data"

1) The attack that all share: they punch the enemy into the ground, creating a shockwave. This does 40/60/80 damage, with a shockwave that can damage the target's allies for 20/30/40 damage plus possible stun
2) Only the latter two can use this: they grap the opponent for N/A/30/40 damage, and the target must use one action of their turn to escape. This absorbs energy from the target, "mending the cracks" caused by a breaking chip (see below)

Special: These viruses, until "cracked" by a breaking chip can only take 10 damage per hit per attack. When cracked, the eerie glow from the "Mystery Data" disappears, and obviously cracks appear in the armored gauntlet

Chip: BreakWave1/2/3
Description and effect: The user uses their full force to slam the opponent into the ground for 40/60/80 damage, and the shockwave may hit 2/3/4 other, random enemies for 20/30/40 damage and possible stun.

Any questions/comments/suggestions?