Aoi Fuyuki and Yuki-onna.EXE

Name:Aoi Fuyuki
Age:18(looks younger than he is.)
Appearance: A rather... interesting fellow in terms of clothing. He tends to wear slightly heavier clothing more suited to colder climates compared to most people and always likes to wear a teal toque over his slightly long bluish-black hair. He has bluish green eyes and a rather pale skin tone. He always seems to wear a cough mask except when its cold out. Due to some erm... "growth" issues, his body neither matured nor really grown giving him a rather small, childish and feminine body and voice. To say the least, he's rather short for a guy.

Personality: Aoi is a rather soft spoken person in most situations. Due to his self-consciousness about his.. erm, "girlish figure", he tends to wear a bit more clothing which doesn't help when he's not a big fan of heat. However, he tends to be alot more active when the weather is colder and is always a fan of AC and sweet, sweet, frozen treats. He's rather polite when it comes to friends and is rather cheery person when the temperature is juuuust right. However, don't call him a kid or a girl... he's not very fond of those terms.
PET Modifications: Aside from a cool teal color scheme, he installed a few micro fans to keep himself cool when the situation gets too hot to handle.

Element: Aqua
Subtype: Ground

Appearance: Yuki-onna is a slightly taller female navi in body with a rather wintry design. She has long blue hair with slightly lighter blue bangs just obscuring the top part of her eyes which are concealed over snow goggles. Her symbol, the face of a snow man(white background with a black :| face) serves as a set of ear muffs for her. Her suit is based slightly on a form fitting snow suit with large loose robe like sleeves in a teal and blue color combo. Aside from that, she wears white gloves and boots on her hands and feat.

Personality: Yuki is a rather calm and cool girl. She tends to remain calm in most situations and tries to figure things out before heading in. She's a fan of cool areas and won't hesitate to try to calm down her allies if they get riled up. She cares for Aoi like a big sister at times making sure he's alright with the temperature and tries to increase the fans' output when he heats up. She can however act downright cold to people who are cruel to those she cares for.

Custom Weapon: Yuki uses a standard buster, for now.

Signature Attack: Winter Wonderland. Changes entire battlefield to ice panels(60 thanks to ground passive) TCD: 2

Taking a deep breath, she begins to hum a chilling melody. As she does, light snow begins to fall as the temperature quickly drops. Before long, the snow manages to reach a steady pace as the entire area begins to get covered in ice to the point of even turning the panels themselves into ice. A favorite when turning the battle field into her playground.
Huh, first day of snow up where I'm at, and we get a "Snow-Woman" navi reg on the same day. Interesting how that worked out. Alright, looks fine to me. Approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack(X2)
GET NCP: Undershirt

ALSO GET NCP: (Choose One): HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

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