MgcCard V1

HP: 60

Element: None

Appearance: A pair of shiney, mostly black shoes, with neatly tied black laces. The toe area is white. Armless torso wearing a black suit. Thin white stripes run down the suit. It has a round, yellow head. Its face is comical, having large, round white eyes and a big goofy grin. On its head, it wears a black tophat, with a white band circling around the base. A black batton floats beside it, having white caps on both ends.

Attacks: Wild Card: He summons a card in front of him, which fires attacks from his magician equipment.

1.) Fire Breath: A mouth appears on the face of the card and two hands shoot out the side. One hand has a bottle of alcohol, which the mouth drinks. The other holds a lighter. The mouth then burps, sending flames shooting at the enemy.
(30 Heat damage)

2.) Trick Flower: The chest area of a suit appears on the card, a flower peeking out of the pocket. A hand from the side of the card pressing a button, making the flower shoot out a drenching amount of water. (30 Aqua)

3.) Joy Buzzer: A hand pops out of the card and attempts to grab the hand of a navi (or just plain grabs them). A great shock is then delivered to the enemy. (30 Elec)

4.) Flower Wand: A hand carrying a wand pops out of the card. It then bows the wand to a navi and flowers pop out the end, giving them a facefull of foliage. (30 Wood)

V2 Changes: Suit, hat, and shoes are green instead of black.
All attacks do +10 damage (so 40+element)
Has 90 HP

V3 Changes: Suit, hat, and shoes are purple instead of black.
All attacks do +20 (so 50+element)
Has 120 HP

Chip Drop: WldCrd1/2/3
Mimicks one of the MgcCard's attacks
Does 40/60/80 +element

Basically, think of this more or less as a Weather, at least in terms of the varying element. The main problem I see with this is how it would be decided which element is used when a navi attacks with the chip. Of course, that can be worked out if anyone likes this guy at all. I also have no clue which area each should go in. But like I said, I ain't gonna worry about that unless someone feels like using them.
Nice virus. The chip is confusing, but the virus is cool - and, like you said, I think the mods can figure out how to make the chip work. Maybe you could choose which to use, and have a 50% chance of using that attack, and 50% chance of the mod picking it?