Name: Binard/Buggard/Virard

HP: 80/130/180

Element: Normal

Damage: 30/60/100

A little white translucent blob with translucent black 3d ones and zeroes floating freely inside it. In the middle of the blob rests a grey-irised eyeball. The eyeball can rotate in any direction inside the blob. The more powerful Buggards are the same thing, except they're made of silver goo with black numbers, and a yellow eye. Finally, Virards are made of gold goo, have a single blood red eye, and instead of numbers, have corrupted data particles floating around inside it.

Attack: Binards, while simple in appearance, are incredibly versatile. They can morph their gooey bodies into any weapon, though their attack style of choice are a pair of extendable tentacles that come from either side. They, however, can also morph themselves into swords, guns, lances, you name it, it'll turn into it. Buggards can turn into two different weapons at once, and Virards can turn into three.


Binards/Buggards/Virards float, and are unaffected by panels

If there is an elemental virus with an HP of 10 or less with a Binard/Buggard/Virard, the Binard/Buggard/Virard can absorb it and gain its element.


Name: Codeshift

Element: Normal

Damage: 40, chance of getting random effect (blind, stun, breaking, etc)

Type: Original/Other

Appearance: The Navi's arm (or other part of body, or entire body) is coated with an opaque white coating. The body part chosen can morph into a random weapon of the user's choice. If it is a long-range weapon, it fires a shot of grey data. Strangely, though, no matter what it morphs into, it isn't classified as anything other than an Other-type chip.

I'd like comments on this, please.

EDIT: Don't mind the sub-title "Lol, kidding." I was going to make a joke about it being called Drakim, being all codey and all, but I changed its name to Binard. If I can do both, I'd prefer that. If I can only make one virus or one chip, make it the virus please.

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