Go go Gadgetman.exe!

Yeah I need a fresh start so the ghostly duo is being put away in favour of something a little more high tech

Name: John (Crazy Eyes) Mcgee
Age: 24
Gender: Male

The kind of man you'd expect to see at home in a lab coat, John has always had a slightly nerdy look about him. Standing around 5' 5", John's skin has a very pale tone to it, the kind that can only be cultivated by many days spent in darkened rooms. His hair is dark brown with a messy short and spiky style, looking as if he had just awoken from a rather deep slumber at all times, this isn't helped by the fact that he constantly has a pair of large bags underneath his eyes.
Being a rather unmemorable character, there has always been one feature that John has always been known for; these are his large, thick, circular glasses, ones which he had personally modified to give the illusion of a strange circular pattern, creating the effect of a large spiral that starts from the pupil and finishes at the edge. This feature is offsetting to most due to the fact that his eyes beneath them are no longer visible.

Preferring to be clothed for comfort over style, John only has two states of dress, his old work outfit which consisted of khaki cargo trousers and a white lab coat, or the same trousers, only instead he has a dark blue dressing gown in place of the lab coat.

Embittered by past events, John finds it hard to fully put his support and attention behind any one subject or project, although when he does; he reaches strangely high levels of obsession. Tending to take a more objective view of the world and his surroundings, John constantly exudes a thick cloud of nonchalance and contempt, preferring to pay attention to his own concerns rather than that of others. Even after these barriers, John can still come across as a nice guy to those who bother to befriend him, the few who have are usually equally intrigued and repelled by his dark sense of humour and odd behaviour.

PET Modifications: Modified to handle higher powered applications, John's PET broke its boundaries long ago. Barely resembling the sleek, user-friendly device it once was, his PET is now a jumbled mess of cables with a hand grip, a screen and a few hooks that allow it to attach to his belt. It can analyse vast amounts of data in an instant, allowing it to handle the day to day tasks his navi requires.

Name: Gadgetman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon

With a similar build and height to his operator, Gadgetman has the base of that of a yellow navi jump suit, his original frame built for freedom of movement and flexibility over strength and durability, although many changes have been added that have left him with a strange hybrid between the two ideas. After the accident, Gadgetman was modified to handle his excess amounts of power, this meant that a variety of additions had to be made, the most obvious of these being clucky purple containment units that stretch from just below each elbow, along the forearm and finishing at each hand, attached to them are his blocky, cumbersome hands, each of which containing a large hole in the palm that allows direct power flow in and out of his core. Similarly to his arms, the same construct can be seen on each of his legs reaching from just below the knee to his feet. All of the purple constructs have an arrangement of yellow lines arranged at right angles that give the appearance of a computer chip motif all over.

Gadgetman's head is covered predominantly by a large purple dome, of which a quarter is cut off to reveal the pale skin around his mouth. With no other visible features, the navi is often greeted with contempt and suspicion from those who cannot read his feelings. A tri rod construct of the same purple can be seen sticking out of a pack on his back; they are arranged in a triangular shape.

The navi's symbol is that of a slanted, large stylised 'G' which is light purple in colour, the background is just a series of smaller yellow circuit patterns on a blank plane. It is placed at the centre of his chest.

Very inquisitive by nature, Gadgetman was originally a researcher navi, this leads him to be constantly analysing everything he sees, testing things to the point of destruction whenever he gets the chance. Unlike his operator who is in a constant state of depression, Gadgetman is optimistic at all times, always looking for the silver lining of the situation. Testing his limits whenever he can, the navi is often in need of repairs from his operator, who is always at hand, this has lead him to have quite a fearless streak in recent times, leading him to take very little care of his own well being.

Custom Weapon: Gadgetman sends controlled bursts of energy from his core power inlets to deal minor damage to the foe from his palms

Signature Attack: Gadget: L.A.S.E.R (Long-range, Accurate, Shoulder-mounted, Energy, Rifle)

Through the use of automated, robotic arms, Gadgetman uses excess data from his surroundings to create a small, shoulder mounted cannon that deals minor damage to an enemy of his choice every so often.

(Summon 15 Hp object with passive 15 elec DMG, Light, 45 Sig points, 2 TCD)
15 Hp Object (15) + Light (free) + 15 elec DMG passive (45) = 60 Sig points (45 +Blueprints passive 15) 45/60 used

Back story

Originally a SciLab operator/navi research duo with a focus on navi research and development, things quickly changed for the pair when John decided to experiment with the power core of the navi itself. While attempting to increase the power capacity, using his navi as a test subject, John quickly realised his navi's frame could not hold all that power and by the time the process was complete, the navi was in a dangerous state. After all attempts to drain the power directly from the navi failed, John was forced to implant a series of limiters and capacitors just to keep the navi alive.

It was not long before his superiors found out about the situation and fired him on charges of dangerous misconduct. John named the new navi construct Gadgetman and modified his own PET so the navi could survive without SciLab's computers, the pair was then sent to wander freely and with no work as a source of income, the pair was forced to take up netbattling to survive.

Starter gear:
Minienergy x 2

Cannon x 1
Shotgun x 1
Rageclaw x 1

Navicust parts:
HP + 50

Quote ()

<a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan1'); void(0);">Operator: Lex Ghostly</a><div id="Leiquan1" class="signaturetab">Name: Lex Ghostly
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shorter than most 17 year old guys, Lex only clocks in around 150 cm but he more than makes up for this with his large afro which allows him to gain the attention of most that would generally overlook him. With a slim build, tanned skin and brown eyes, he would not be very memorable if it were not for his large hair but no matter what is going on around him, he always tries to keep up a friendly smile. His general attire is made up from a combination of a black with orange trim top, khaki cargo shorts and a pair of roughed up, old white trainers that are long past their prime.

Personality: Lex does not always make the biggest impression on those he meets, at least not for anything other than his hair and for that reason he always tries to come across as a friendly, sociable person. Although he is fairly confident in himself and what he does, he sometimes comes across as shy to those he meets, his navi is the general source of many of these problems as rather than allowing Lex to make his own introductions, Phantasm will generally shout something over the PET mike, leading to all kinds of social awkwardness. When battling, he generally lets Phantasm lead the fight, using the navi's stubbornness to trick him into doing the right things with small comments.

Backstory: While surfing the internet one day, Lex and his new navi found a mysterious door. The door was locked and had a heavy incription so Lex decided to let it be. As the new navi turned away, the door opened releasing a wave of energy that knocked the navi of his feet, many flames began to fly out in all directions, some green, some blue, the green flames flew at the normal navi before he had time to react. The navi mysteriously transformed into a new form that begun to rapidly shoot down the blue flames, many escaped to the new navis disappointment. He turned towards Lex and spoke to him, "I'm Phantasm, we must find and destroy those ghost navis before they cause anymore damage". Lex with a look of puzzlement asks, "Who the hell are you?" At this point Phantasm fell to the ground and turned back to his normal state, Lex's quest for answers has begun.

</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan2'); void(0);">Net Navi: Phantasm/Grey</a><div id="Leiquan2" class="signaturetab">Name: Phantasm/Grey
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Shadow
HP: 140
Level: 8
/Grey courtesy of P.A. Master

Appearance: Because Phantasm is merely a normal navi that has been possessed, his appearance dramatically changes' depending on which consciousness is in control. When the original inhabitant Grey is in control, he takes on the appearance of a simple normal navi, with a colouring that is slightly paler than a regular normal navi's due to the energy consumed by his other form. When the second consciousness, known as Phantasm, takes control his body structure completely changes, the most obvious of these is the transformation of his limbs, as his hands and feet become completely formed of flames, the flame embodiment continues up to his elbows and knees, it also forms his shoulders and a large part of the bottom of his torso, this joins the remainder of his legs and chest together. The final change that occurs is the fact that his head is lifted clean of his shoulders and engulfed in the same ferocious lime green flames. What is left of the navi's original body takes on the colour of a deep purple, the navis emblem of a green ball of flame centred in a deep, almost black background is centred in the middle of his remaining original chest.

Personality: When in the original form, Grey has a very pessimistic view on life, his lack of control coupled with his lack of knowledge on what has happened to him in times passed has left him with a deep empty feeling, his constant feeling of uselessness leads to him being very easily pushed around, shy and easily scared by many things, although if you were to push past this, you would find that he is a great strategist, with a great knowledge of the working of his chips. When the Phantasm takes control he becomes a totally different navi, surly, uncompromising and incredibly stubborn, he believes that he always knows best and should always take the lead, with very little understanding of other navi's and their feelings, Phantasm usually comes across as rude, blunt and obnoxious. Due to his ghostly origins, Phantasm has a strange way of speaking, usually talking of death with little worry or care while also speaking of things that had happened to him in past incarnations. The strangest thing about him though is that he seems to lack full control of himself when battling, leading Lex to believe that there may be more to him than meets the eye.</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan3'); void(0);">Key Items</a><div id="Leiquan3" class="signaturetab">PET - PET Modifications: Deep purple case with 3 green flames that are arranged in a triangle around the screen, it also has a measuring apparatus that can detect spectral activity.
Process edit x1
Subchips: MiniEnergyPack x 1
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan4'); void(0);">Signiture moves</a><div id="Leiquan4" class="signaturetab">Signature points: 300
Cap: 100
Fire Morph (Teleport) 80/300 2 turn CD
Spirit Power (Strengthen by 20) 20/300 1 turn CD
Dead man's Curse (Shot type, delayed 80 DMG at the end of the next turn, Fire Attribute) 80/300 2 turn CD
Cloak of Shadows (Grants 1 turn invisibility to target of choice)
80/300 2 turn CD
Graveyard of the damned (Summons 20 2hp, 2' tall tombstones; they can be summoned wherever Phantasm wills them) 40/300 2 turn CD

0/300 Remaining
300/300 used
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan5'); void(0);">Folder</a><div id="Leiquan5" class="signaturetab">14 chips total
Invis1  (Grants Invisibility status, 1 turn duration)
Pickpocket (Summons a Bandcoon to steal from opponents before vanishing, B acc)
Guard 1 (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack)
MaruBlaster1 (20 Elec + Glitch, B accuracy, A if used after melee or sword attack)
Rageclaw (40 slashing DMG, null B Acc, breaks after 6 swings)
Cannon (40 + knockback, null damage)
Heat shot (40, Fire damage, spread to 1)
Shotgun (50 DMG, spread to one other target, null damage)
Ringlog 1 (50,Ground Attack,Wide Attack,Double Attack,wood DMG)
Boomerang 1 (60, thrown attribute, wood element)
MiniBomb (60 DMG + Blast 1)
Aqua Knife (60 slashing DMG, Aqua B acc, Breaks after 6 swings)
FlameLine1 ( 70 Fire DMG + Ground Attack + Wide Attack, B acc )
ElecReel1 (80 Elec DMG, D vs Airborne / B vs Ground)
Arrow1 (100 Elec DMG + homing, accuracy B )
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan6'); void(0);">Upgrades</a><div id="Leiquan6" class="signaturetab">Process Upgrades: 6
HP mem : 2
Speed Upgrade: 1
NavCust:Undershirt (All used) 10/40</div>
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan31'); void(0);">Buster</a><div id="Leiquan31" class="signaturetab">Quick stats:(2/2/2)
Buster shot DMG: 8 (A2 X R2 X 2)
Charge shot DMG: 32 (A2 X C2 X 8)

Power UPs: Total 3

Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 1
</div><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan1'); void(0);"><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquan7'); void(0);">.GMO</a><div id="Leiquan7" class="signaturetab">Name: Spirit.GMO
Description:Phantasm takes the look of a normal navi with a head that floats slightly off his shoulders engulfed in green flames, his hands and feet become green flames in the shape of their respective body part, his lower body that connects his legs to his torso also burst into flames. Around him floats three spectral green flames that constantly circle behind him.
Personality: Phantasm becomes cold and uncaring, he will no longer attempt to help anyone around him, he would merely just destroy enemies and be done with it
Custom buster: he gains the ability to shoot fire from his burning hands and feet </div>
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Leiquann1'); void(0);">Crosses</a><div id="Leiquann1" class="signaturetab">Freindship xp:
Nitro: 15FXP
Looks good. Post Old stuff (Navi/Op profiles and that signature) in a shelved database thread, and the new dudes where they go, and you should be all set.


2x MiniEnergy, RageClaw, Shotgun, Cannon, UnderShirt, HP+50