Shelving Trillian and DarkBoy.exe

Name: Trillian DaVoulas
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Bio: Trillian is a boy who comes from the Lunar Children. He is very young, but more mature than some of the older other Operators he knows. He is determined, and never puts down a fight unless he knows he can't win. He has always thinks Long-Ranged. He upgraded to a LINK-PET when he found out you could jack in from long range. Very lethal boy. Trillian has been using computers since age 3 (True Story) and knew more than anyone in his scholar days, which arent over yet.


Trillian is a skinny boy, but not super skinny. He is 5 '11 feet tall. His hair is blond, and hanging down somewhat like Dark Boy's, but not as puffy. His face makes people think he is older than he usually is.

Torso: Trillian bears a black suit shirt with red outlines, black cuffs, a white belt, and a white ruffle sticking out of the top of the jacket. His hair is like his navis, but without the bandana. He has special goggles that allow him to see the internet when he puts them on. These goggles where passed down from the lunar children.

Pants: Trillian sports just long, black pants. With pockets at the top only. Trillian feels comfortable and cozy in these clothing. He wheres brown boots, but they are up to his ankle unlike his navis that are up alot higher.

Personality: He is a strange boy, who is strangely very strategic at Net Battling. He tries not to show it but he just can't help himself. He is never mad when he loses because he knows he gets stronger losing than winning. Very unlike his Net Navi, Dark Boy.

Trillian was born out of the Lunar Children, who accuired the power of the moon to help them. His family died out when he was 5 years old by assasination. Trillian, the Lunar Boy of this era got away just in time. He has only the fewest of his family's possestions. The scarf and goggles. Those are passed down the chain of Lunar Children. Later, he got his old navi, SolarMan, but he ran away when Trillian was 12 years old. Trillian was an official until he got Dark Boy. He resigned to live the daily life.

PET Modifications:
-Can Jack in Wirelessly
-Has a maximum of 200 GB of Storage
-Music, PETcasts, Music, and Pictures Feature
-Larger Screen for Movies, Petcasts, Music, and Pictures
-Web Browser Built-in


Net Emblem:
All Black with Red in the middle. Sort of like a circle
-His PET is Purple

Name: Dark Boy
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Cursor

Appearance: He comes from a tribe called The Lunar Children. He has red and purple hair, (Or is it Purple and Red? Who knows!) an orange cape, and blue pants. He has a close appearance to his Net Operator. You will always find Dark Boy wearing his signature headband and scarf

Personality: Dark Boy is very kind, and likes to fight for FUN and not for life or death. He only takes orders from trillian. He always carries them out. He almost joined a NetNavi team to stop crimes once.

Custom Weapon: Dark Gun
The Dark Gun is a weapon that was made epecially for Dark Boy by a gifted GunSmith. It is a modified version of the GunDelSol but instead of a spread, it shoots dark shots instead. It now doesnt take Sunlight to recharge.

Signature Attack: DeathVulcan - Dark whips out his Darl Gun and homes and fires six times at 10 Damage each at the enemy(s)!

Cool Down - 2


Dark Boy was originally just a normal navi with the name "Boy" because he was abandoned by his old Net Op and found in the undernet by some strange navi. Nobody knew what to call him, but they knew he was a dude so they called him "Boy".

Later, Dark Chips where discovered and the Officials needed a Navi to test them on. They new about "Boy" and he had no meaning for life, so they started operating him in battle with the Dark Chips.

He became so tainted with the Dark Chips that he could barely control himself. His hair, originally red, turned into purple hair, with slight red highlights. His processing speed went off the charts, and "Boy" became permanently tainted with Dark Power.
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Name: Ringo Blaze
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ringo has a sleek appearance as a young net battler. He has a black suit which he found scavaging the remains of an abandoned sanctuary. The scarf seems to be quite magical in an unknown way. His pants are black with a silver trim around the edges. He has his net navi's emblem sewn across the chest of his suit.
Personality: Ringo is very active, but humble and never accepts to much! He is friendly and eager to make friends. He feels alone in new places.
PET Modifications:
-Black Pet with silver trim
-Web Browser compatible

Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Python is very tall and sports a huge black chainmail kilt around his entire body and has his emblem right across his chest. He has silver shields around his legs and dark boots with cleat-spikes underneath. At a height of 6 '5 he is a very tall slender navi! On his shoulders are two shoulder-blades and he has a round helmet covering his entire head, with 1 slit for his eyes to look through. His right-arm turns into a long sword at well.
Personality:Despite Python's bulky, grimmacing appearance, under all that armour, is a big heart with a good purpose. Python is one of the happiest navi's you will ever meet. He is always open to make new friends. You may never see him smile, but behind the helm, he is smiling more broadly then ever. He is kind to viruses and tries not to resort to attacking.
Custom Weapon: SnakeSword - A Very long sword that takes the place of a megabuster.
Signature Attack: N/A (still deciding)
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