Name: Lancelot Pervertsky "a.k.a." "L"
Age: 18
Gender: Male

As what you can see in the image the guy up there simply describe my OPERATOR. Lancelot is not that tall,about 5'7" at the age of 17. He is a some kinda weird and a very silent type who always wear a white long sleeve and black pants. To tell you the truth he usually doesn't wear any kind of shoes but sometimes he did. He also doesn't have any tattoo on his body or even piercing *he hates it. This is againsts GOD'S LAW he always thought to himself*. He has a long black hair but not reaches his back and also black eyes. His skin is fair and smooth, and his face it doesn't have any pimples nor white heads.

As what I have said on the description above, Lancelot is some kinda weird guy his personality depends on his mood. He always acts alone and makes a move on his on decision. He never listen to others because of his pride and overly high self confidence. He doesn't have any friends though because of his attitude.

PET Modifications: Ordinary PET where Zap Elec is installed, a yellow and black colored PET.

Name: Zap Elec.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Recover
Zap elec.Exe is weighing at about 49 kilos at a height of 5'6". this navi wears a yellow plated armor and gloves that has a letter z on it serves as his logo. The combination color of his other parts are black and yellow. Zap Elec.exe looks is like an ordinary navi but his hair style is one sided and a little bit spiky at the back. His eyes are also yellow like a lightning. His boots has a code on it but it doesn't matter anyway.

Zap Elec.exe is created by Edward Pervertsky father of Lancelot, this navi is created to protect and guide Lancelot as he grow up. He used to be the navi of Edward but he decided to give it to Lancelot as a present at his 8th birthday. Now he is the best partner of Lancelot in many battles and everyday life as they continue learning what will be their main goal to attain in the future and what will be their main reason why they live.

Custom Weapon: Zap-Whip-Recover
Zap Elec uses this kind of weapon in a short and middle range. It's made of pure electric substances causing double damage on Aqua elements and the damage of this weapon is "Fair". As you can see on the name of my Weapon "Zap-Whip-Recover" so the second effect of this weapon is HP recovery of Zap Elec.exe or triggering of a battle chip named RECOVER +100. Zap Elec.exe winded his whip into his body that activates the Recover +100 *NOTE: This can be used in other navis but the healing percentage is decreased by 1 level and recovery effect is can be used once per 6 turns or customs and this can be use as a miasma in BREAKING element/sub-element navis*

Signature Attack: (need help?)