Keito and Kenji


Name: Keito Raikotsu
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Keito is of a slim build and medium height. He tends to walk with a slight slouch, and prefers to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes. He is commonly seen wearing slightly baggy black pants, and a blue t-shirt. He often wears a long sleeve hooded jacket over his usual clothes. Keito has dark brown shaggy hair that flows down over his face, and is always covering his left eye. His hair is tied off in the back into a long ponytail that drapes down his back. His eyes are hazel in color, and under his left eye is a tear shaped marking, while under his right is a jagged lightning shaped one. As well, on his left ear are two metal piercings.
Personality: Keito tends to be very apathetic, and always serious. He is often seen nodding off and spacing out in many situations. He prefers peace and quiet, and enjoys reading and drawing. This is often interrupted by his companion.

Net Navi

Name: Kenji
Gender: ...male? I dunno, he looks so damn effeminate!
Element: Electric
Type: Wind
Appearance: Kenji tends to have very similar features as his counterpart Keito, but tends to look and act more effeminate, basically hes a bit curvier. He also has white hair and blue eyes. The markings under his eyes are switched, and he has a small pair of fangs. His attire is very strange and mage-like. He wears a long flowing sash that ties off into a loincloth that drapes to his feet, as well as a pair of long flowing pants. A long hooded mage cloak is worn across his shoulders, as well as a sleeveless GI under it.
Personality: Kenji tends to be lighthearted and carefree, the total opposite of keito... and optimist. He enjoys fighting and traveling throughout the virtual world, as well as spend time with Keito. He can be a bit rambunctious and mischievous at times, and always gets into trouble with others.

Custom Weapon: A blue flaming aura shrouds over Kenji's arms, and takes the shape of a pair of glowing claws.

Signature attack:

Level 1:
Yurei Spirit charge: Kenji clasps his hands together and closes his eyes. Four hitodama materialize in front of him and float around. He then sends the floating spirits to attack, they seperate and charge towards an an enemy and explode on impact.

Summary:10dmgx4 plus stun
I was looking over the chip list and i think i'd like a vulcan2, shotgun, and sword chip.
You're missing...

Custom Weapon (Rapid/Charged attacks)

Signature Attack

2nd legacy item.

Did you have a Vulcan2?
well im not finished yet, i had homework to do. i'll finish right now
K updated
1. Did you have these chips? 00;
2. Is there a 2nd Legacy?
I did, and what is a second legacy? i only really got to fight in one and a half topics, only enough to get some chips, so i probably dont have one.
Well, if that's all you have, then I suppose that's all the more you need for your registration. Approved.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1
okie dokey, now couple-o questions, whats a rageclaw? and do i add the stuff you just listed to my chip inventory?
Check the chip list for Rageclaw description. And yes, the things I added get put in your inventory, along with the chips you carried over.