LV 2 MASS - Signature Attacks

Super Savior Ascension

Mass kicks his circuits into overdrive, temporarily increasing his fighting index to much higher level and granting him uncanny speed and ability. During this time, his aura blazes brighter than before, and pure-white bolts of lightning snake across his body. The force of the released energy is enough to knock away any nearby obstacles or enemies, and propels Mass across the battlefield at a blinding rate. Naturally, his opponents have a difficult time keeping up with him in this enhanced state.

(2x Knockback (two targets), Tactical Movement (blazing-fast movement around battlefield), Haste (boosted dodges) = 80 Cap, 2TC)


By concentrating his burning warrior spirit, Mass focuses all of an attack's energy into a single devastating blow, rerouting the power into the aura surrounding his mighty fists. The great warrior's ki aura becomes a solid force, smashing easily through most conventional defenses and slicing through the most tempered digisteel. Though this decreases the accuracy of the blow, it more than makes up for it in terms of sheer stopping power.

(Transforms an attack into a melee-range blow, adds Slashing, Impact, and Piercing to the attack. For flavor, the name of the transformed attack now contains the prefix "Obliterating." (I.E. "Obliterating Firehit," "Obliterating Cannon") (Slashing + Impact + Piercing = 40 Cap, 1TC)

Total available: 0/120