Capuchin Cross

We have 30 FXP points, thus....

CapuCross: Normal/Normal, +10 to all Normal Chips

Appearance: Junior's navi suit stays purple, but he gains a cream colored, lighy chest piece that covers from above his stomach, up to about an each of his neck. The armor cuts off before the shoulders. His emblem adorns the front and the outline of a comical looking monkey head covers the back. His boots turn cream color and extend up to just before the knee. His gloves turn black, gain a cream colored band that covers the ends, and each go back about two inches from the elbow. A purple tail shoots out above Junior's rear. His shades stay mostly the same, except that the top of his rims turn gold and in the center they curve upwards and reach back half an inch to the side they came from. Junior's hair remains green but gets tied back into a ponytail at a 65 degree angle from the back of his head, extending upward a bit before cascading down his back.

Weapon: Extendo-Rod: A simple looking red pole. It can strech a bit.

Sig Cross: Pole Dance (60/60 points): Junior takes his weapon and shoves the end into the ground. He then grasps the pole with both hands and begins circling it, gaining speed as he does. He does this until he becomes nothing but a blur. He then jumps up and uses his inertia to continue spinning while still clinging to the pole. As he spins, he sticks his legs out as far as he can and kicks the surrounding enemies as he makes his rounds before finally he comes to a stop. (20x3, 2 turn Cool Down)

Now to wait for Lunar's approval...
I am all for this!


JrCross: Normal/Normal, +10 to all Normal Chips

Appearance: capuchin's creamy top part of her uniform forms into a nice purple and the black stays the same. Her gloves grow long and change their color to gold. She gains a pair of blue shades and when her gold eye looks in one side, the glasses glow. Her Tail is equipped with a charm bracelet of two navi's she once fought with. Her hair gets a bit more flowy and the ponytail is tied lower. She also wears pink lipstick and a bit of blush. Her pole also shrinks into a tiny lipstick container.

Weapon: Gentle Palm: a hand that shoots out blasts like a buster but shoots them out as kisses.

Sig Cross: Blowaway Kiss (60/60 points): Capuchin makes her new compact pole put on the makeup and then gets ready. She gracefully dances around for a bit then looks into the enemies eyes. Giving a wink, she extends her hand and blows them a kiss. The kiss shoots out a giant blast of energy straight at the opponent which hits the victim in the face. can make every navi know her as a total "knockout" (30 and stun, 2 turn Cool Down)
Lunar, is that paralyze I read a stun? If it is, you're over the 60 cap.