Junior Cross/Red Cross

Bumping this....... RS should probably say something.

Red changes her apparel to a purple bodysuit with Golden Gloves and boots and has a Red cape attached to her shoulders.
Custom buster: Palm Blast. Shoots energy blast from her palm.
Level 1 Red/Junior Crosses approved.

Appearances/mechanics pending.
So, you need stats and appearance? Well, RS already posted appearance for his, so I'll clear up the former for him.

JuniorCross: Normal/NA
+5 to all normal chips
Untapped Power once per turn

Now then, for my part:
RedCross: Normal/Wind
+5 to all normal chip
Gust once per turn.

Appearance: A red hood forms over Junior's head and a red bandana is tied around his face, like a bandit. He also gains a red cape that goes past his rear. His gloves and boots turn red. The upper part of his suit turns white and the lower black. He also gains a frilly red skirt. Extra note: his glasses stay.
Frilly red skirt?