Slice of Life with Cara and Kirlian


Title: Slice of Life with Cara Windfield
Indeterminate in length; just boring interactions or job assignments given to Kirlian and Cara by their employer.




Thread Index:
- Mission 1: I hear an Echo
Mission 1 - I hear an Echo - Summary:-
- Company receives a call requesting for tech support of a client's buggy server.
- Company dispatches Ix and Alcubierre, asking Cara and Kirlian to tag along for field experience for Kirlian.
- (2-3 battles and client's server net is up to mod's discretion. It can be viruses, or Navis.)
- Regardless of battle's outcome, the client server was hacked into for information espionage, as well as to gather information on E&E Consultation's implemented system defenses.
- For some reason, the espionage party was able to trace the client's server processes back to E&E's home server, following contact from George.
- Ix asks Cara to return to the company to help out, while he cleans up the mess with the client's server. He'll go back via metroline.
- Back at E&E Consultation, it was discovered that the home server was being hacked into by no one other than Echo.EXE herself, and her new Operator, Saburou from infoTek.
- Temir.EXE got her arse handed back to her, so it's up to Kirlian against Echo.
- (Battle with Echo.EXE, stats refer below)
- IF Win: Echo retreats, thanking Kirlian for all the troubles as she was just carrying out her job. Wishes him good luck and to take care of Cara.
- IF Lose: Echo doesn't take Kirlian out as she did with Temir, but rather shrugged and said it wasn't part of her mission to take the Navigators out of commission. Before she could proceed to power down the server, however, Aria.CMD made a brief appearance and chased Echo off after a few attacks.
- Post-disaster meeting. Drama happens, no modding needed I suppose.
- Reward after meeting: Cattery.SP — SP base from Aria, and developed into Cattery by Cara as a gift and reward for Kirlian's performance.
Character profiles:

Boss Operator
Name: Morinaga Saburou
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Company: Koperasi infoTek Sdn. Bhd.
Position: Dispatch / Runner



Freshly graduated from school, he had an overly optimistic outlook of his life (read: lots o money, lots o babes, nice car, etc); but upon failing to find an easy job with a high salary, he resorted to a runner for infoTek. His parents were apparently just happy that he got a job, and wasn't just rotting at home.

Having grew up in the same neighbourhood with Isaac as a playmate, Saburou's pride in being all elder brotherly to someone else can be shown in his acts of superiority or demanding for respect. Despite him and Isaac working for different companies, however, they get along well out of working hours, sharing dinner and lunch sessions and such.

PET modifications:
Much like Isaac, his PET is company property, which is a standard set with little to no modifications, save for a serial reference number denoting that it's company property.

Boss Navigator:
Name: Echo.EXE
HP: 650
Level: 36
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts

Gender: Female
Company: Koperasi infoTek Sdn. Bhd.
Actions: 6

Physical Description:

Standing at 5'11", Echo has a kind face etched into her features, her blue eyes gleaming with a motherly aura. The rest of her, though, is a shining white-- her hair, her bodysuit, her cargo pants, her boots.

The most prominent feature on Echo would be the two network cables dangling from her helmet, extending down to her knees in length like ponytails. Echo possesses a similar set of grey headphones, like Kirlian, with a microphone extending out of the left ear cover to the front of her mouth. What truly sets her apart from Kirlian, though, is the equipment on her two lower arms and her waist-- they are light grey, slightly bulky, and resembled the wireless network access equipment commonly used in the 21st century. Two antaennas also extend themselves from Echo's waist routing equipment, reminding onlookers of how sibling-like she is with Kirlian.

Custom Weapon:
Melee: Usually she's seen combating with barehanded martial arts technique, however, her two antaennas can be detached to be used as tonfas.

Ranged: Echo can materialise a few additional network cables at will, attached to her lower arm's network ports. She can then use them as whips, or fashion them into slingshots for ranged attacks.

She is pleasant. Very pleasant. So pleasant, in fact, that she could be seen like a model, ideal Navigator with no bad behaviour whatsoever. However, do not let that fool you-- being pleasant has nothing to do with her work ethics nor professionalism. If it was part of her (new) job to steal, or kill, she has no choice but to fulfill her duty, obediently.

Cara's pride and joy, Echo was one of the most successful Navigators in the tech field, earning Cara her reputation and job portfolios in an area ironically not Cara's field of expertise-- data networking. In Cara's previous company's political mishap, Echo was wrongfully sold as part of the liquidating company's assets, having been created by Cara during her employment with the company.

Having separated from her creator, Echo's only choice was to work diligently for her new employers, playing as a supporting assistant for the company's dispatch boy, Saburou. That said, she was regarded as a highly valuable asset to infoTek, given her experience and expertise in networking (as well as the price they paid out of goodwill during the old company's liquidation exercise), and had to make do with trying to feel at home in infoTek.

Attack: 3
Rapid: 5
Charge: 1
Element Upgrade:
Effect Upgrade:
Points: (80/80)
Equipped Programs: Undershirt (10), SuperArmor (40), ShadowShoes (5), HP+300 (25)
Unused Programs:

--Signature Attacks--