Character Crossover

I want to bring back the only good idea I ever had here on RERN, Titania/Oberon. I would like to carry over about half of my Battlechips, and as many Signature Attack upgrades as is possible for my new, lower level. This'll happen after the tournament.

What's funny is that the profile for Titania and Oberon still exists:

Titania and Oberon will be operated by 17-year-old Guy and his twin sister Rachel. I will permanently retire Kazuhiro and Memoriam if this subplot is adequate explanation for transferring the stuff listed at the end here. Also, if I don't even need to RP out this Subplot for it to be an adequate explanation, then I'd much rather do it that way. You know, get it over with faster.

This breakdown isn't terribly eloquent, but when I imagine story ideas I don't imagine them with beautiful adjectives.


Rachel considers herself a NormalNavi expert, and her hobby is pushing these default, ordinary Navis to the extreme. As such, she is a skillful operator, and is used to giving her Navis specific orders at a moment's notice. However, her brother Guy was the one who first encountered Titania and Oberon. Guy, following in his sister's footsteps, had recently started NetBattling. Assuming the strange Navi was a virus, he attacked it, and quickly learned his mistake.

Seeing that they were up against someone with no real experience, Titania and Oberon convinced Guy to 'adopt' them, claiming that they were extremely powerful, and would save him a lot of money, and that the practice of adopting "wild navis" like themselves was not an uncommon practice.

It was a week before Guy showed his discovery to Rachel, whose first reaction was to demand that Guy report the unusual incident and send Titania and Oberon to SciLabs. Guy had to plead with her to let him keep the new Navi, not unlike begging to keep a dog found on the streets.


Soon after registering Memoriam in one tournament, Kazuhiro decides to go for a second one, the Beach Blast. In the second round, his opponent is Rachel, with Titania and Oberon, but bearing a GMO that basically obscures their entire body. He fights and wins, but after the tournament he approaches them and questions them as to the nature of their Navi.

Upon learning that they are, indeed, Titania and Oberon, Kazu offers to donate some of his winnings for taking 3rd place in the Beach Blast. Kazu says that he wants to help them get started with Netbattling. Rachel tries to politely refuse, so she's confused by the fact that Kazu won't take no for an answer. He gives them enough funds to upgrade Titania and Oberon, and a few rather rare chips.


Name: Skate (first round opponent)
HP: 190
Gender: Male
Type: Normal
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Skate wears a baggy hooded sweatshirt, heavy jeans barely held up by a studded belt, and exaggeratedly huge biker boots. His face is obscured by a bandanna and a beanie, but what is visible underneath is not unlike the robotic features of a NormalNavi. He always rides a skateboard, which is his weapon.
Personality: Cocky and always overconfident, seeming to derive more pleasure from swooping around the battlefield and taunting his opponents than actually dealing damage. He uses his RockCubes to make obstacles, platforms, and skate terrain for himself and his opponents.
Attacks: Skate has the ability to leap and glide at incredible speeds, and attacks by dive-bombing with his skateboard. This deals 20, 30, or 40 damage.
Battlechips: Rageclawx2, Rockcube x4, Quake1 x4, Shockwave1 x2
Signature attacks: Wild Line-- A passive SigAttack that gives Skate his aerial boarding abilities and rapid movement.

Heelflip-- A passive SigAttack that lets Skate occasionally block one hit per round by swatting the attack away with a quick skateboard trick.

Impossible-- Skate dives from the air and strikes his opponent for 40 damage. They are Stunned, and Skate bounces back into the air, ready for another attack. Cooldown 1.

Switch Manual-- From the ground, Skate plants his hand on a flat surface and slams his skateboard into the enemy, dealing 80 damage. Cooldown 3.


Name: Titania/Oberon (Wraith.GMO) (second round opponent)
HP: 170
Gender: ...
Type: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Completley obscured within a blue cloak, with nothing but blackness visible under the hood. Moves like a ghost, with no visible feet. It attacks by materializing weapons that move independently of its body, as if being held by invisible hands. The only clue as to the Navi's identity is that the weapons are Oberon's twin katars, and Titania's oversized bow, and they are the same pale white color as the Navis' original appearance.
Personality: They never speak or object to Rachel's orders, in an attempt to hide their identity.
Attacks: Buster attack with bow or blades, at default 2/2/2.
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Energybomb, Minibomb, Vulcan1, Zapring1, Sword
Signature attacks:

Flow: By temporarily existing in two places at once, The Navi teleports a short distance, fading from one place and appearing in another. No cooldown.

Rapid Switch: The Navi begins a rapid assault with twin blades, then instantaneously switches to the bow for one final strike. +40 damage to a chip attack.

Blade Aspect: The Navi's weapons flicker orange and deal Knockback with each hit for the round. Cooldown 2.

Bow Aspect: The Navi's weapons glow blue and deal Slow with each hit for the round. Cooldown 2.

United Strike: The Navi's weapons leave a trail of mist, and deal 30 damage with each hit for the round. Cooldown 2.


The new navi/op will ultimately have these:

Starter Navicust


HPMem x2

Speed Upgrade x1

SigAttack Upgrade x6
Twi unofficially approved this:

Kazu hears from his wife Jean that one of her younger cousins has a very strange Navi, which he found wandering the net un-operated. Not many people in her family actually give a crap, but she figured Kazu might be interested in the story. Kazu knows that un-operated Navis are rare, and are usually either NetMafia members, ex-Rogues, or something even more unique.

Kazu abandons his PET and leads a normal life with Jean. Maybe they have a falling-out and history repeats itself. Whatever.

Guy and Rachel are brother and sister, both attending college on Beach Street. Guy "found" Titania and Oberon by the same method described before. One day, he finds a new PET in the mail.

In other words, no subplot, and I'm doing a full transfer.
Right, Twi's word means nothing now.
Extremely Tentatively Approved.