Site Lore?

Where can I find a write-up of the story so far and the basic lore? This is 2006+4X, correct?
Here's all of our lore in the form of a glossary:

The story at large you'd consider composed of two groups: the events we used to have in the earlier days of RERN (few of which will regularly come up in conversation nowadays) and the character-focused plotlines put together by players and mods over the course of all of our threads. Since our events are mostly seasonal and gift based rather than plot or battle based now, most of the developing story now will be your character's interactions with others while busting or doing missions. There are also subplots you can create for yourself.

And based on this thread, we're roughly 40 years past the end of MMBN6: . My advice: try not to talk about specific dates too much when you're RPing, since every player isn't bound to one timeline as is. It's not too hard to write around, usually. EDIT: I'm told the year is still called 20XX.