Strikeman and Kawazoe

Name: Kawazoe Ura
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kawazoe Ura has black, untidy short hair and usually wears jeans and a black jacket or sweater. He doesn't usually tie his shoes, and when he runs or even walks, they drag behind him. He isn't tall, but he isn't short for his age and stands at about 5'6.
Personality: Outgoing, pushes Strikeman and the people around him to the limit, and doesn't hold back. He is generally insensitive, but when he is around friends and family, this is usually not the case. Besides that, Kawazoe usually keeps a 'poker face', and it's hard to tell what he's feeling.
PET Modifications: Kawazoe has a PET with the front side painted blue and the back side painted white. The screen is larger than usual, but besides that, his PET is the same as everyone's else.
Zennys: 0

Name: Strikeman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Strikeman has an completely white suit, with a metallic helm on his head that has a curved edge near the back of the helm. Besides that, the only other 'armor' he wears is on his hands and feet. Both are protected by the same metallic material that the helm is made from. Strikeman is tall in stature, and has a imposing presence.
Personality: Strikeman is imposing and threatening, but is surprisingly obedient and calm too. He obeys Kawazoe without question most of the time, and never gets annoyed or angry at a enemy. He also treats everyone around him with respect, even his enemies.
Custom Weapon: Strike Buster- A buster that has a slightly increased rate of fire.
Signature Attack: RegStrike: Strikeman's buster turns into a large blue sword, and he dashes forward and strikes one enemy for 60 damage. 3 turn cooldown.
Welcome back! Remove starting NaviCust and Chips, please! (Changes have been made, you'll get your starting packs, don't worry. XD)

Strikebuster doesn't fit current buster system--change, please! Needs both a Rapid and a Charged attack.
Okay, a few things:

1.) I think all PET's are wireless, so your laser thing seems kind of redundant.
2.) If he's a sword navi, why does he use a normal buster?
3.) Busters do a fixed amount of damage based on Navi-Cust, so the amounts you put are incorrect.

Also, are you carrying over any items from your previous account, assuming you remember a few things you had?
Ok, I fixed everything cept' for the sword/buster detail. He just uses a buster in addition to the sword.

And no, I'm completely starting over.
I still don't think you're getting it. You don't decide how much your buster does. It does Rapid x Attack for normal shots and Attack x Charge x 4 for charged attacks. Don't put down set damages for them.
Oh, sorry. Better now?
Fine, all good and fine now.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Approved. Post profiles where directed.