Passive Objects with Recurring Effects

First question: If a Passive sig creates an object, does this object then get duplicated the following round if not destroyed?

Second question: If a Passive object has a recurring effect, is the point cost then [HP+(Effect*3)]*4?

Because that means a 10 HP object that creates a shield every round is [10+(20*3)]*4=280.

In contrast, three passive Shields is 240 points.

This might, maybe, MAYBE make sense if there was the potential to have three of these things on turn 3, giving you a free shield each. This SigAttack, a passive 10HP Object that makes a shield every round, makes sense if all the objects survive through turn 3. On turn 4, the Object sig is superior, and only if all the objects survive, which is very unlikely.
Based off my experience with objects, I'd say yes and yes.

It also means that a 10 HP object which creates a shield each round isn't available as a passive effect until level 55.

I believe it summons a new object each round, and since it is passive, It doesn't go into cooldown, so it activates each round. This would be optional, of course, as you could choose to limit the life of your object to a single round, which would mean each newly summoned object would appear and the last one would disappear.

I realize it's expensive, but like you said, it gives you the chance of having 3 shield creating beanpoles in round three, while a passive only gives you one.

((Edit was me typoing the level you'd need to be. Silly me.))
Yeah, objects are something you'd only want to start thinking about after level 10 or 15. they have high costs, and can be either really effective or easily killed...

that math you used could have your barrier creators killed by a metool instantly, and if you want them to be moving in front of you/blocking for you, that's 20 points for tactical movement, times 3 for constant movement.
I see Kazu's still working the "sea of kittens" angle and trying out new twists on the subject. good man.