Aries and Orthos

Name: Ananiah (Aries) Stahl
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Sharo

Appearance: Aries is about 6'3" tall, he has fairly dark skin, slightly lighter that Arabian, but darker than the typical Spanish man. He is evenly built, while he is not skinny he is not muscle bound, but he is quite solid. He has light brown eyes, nearly yellow in their appearance. He has white hair that is somewhat wild, like he forgets to comb it every once in a while. He generally wears black shirts and jeans. However his normal outfit is a charcoal grey hooded sweatshirt with dark jeans.

Aries' most striking trait is his eyes; they are like a great work of art: everyone sees something different. To some his eyes look kind; some see his eyes as ice, with a quite brooding anger and hatred. But what few have seen is the wild, joyful, and half-crazy eyes he has when he is doing what he loves above all else, fighting.

Personality: Aries is closet-geek he gets decent grades and is a well known martial artist in his age group. But what few know is his near-obsession with computers; he made his own custom net-navi. He took a Heel navi and reconstructed it from the ground up, and he has finally made Orthos. Most people see Aries as someone bored with life, and for the most part, it's true, but when net-battling to programming Orthos he changes utterly.

Aries is not easily amused, and there is nothing he likes more than a good challenge. He is also rather quick tempered when he loses, but this only lasts a short time before he goes half mad with longing to fight the person again. He has 2 neurological 'problems' that he is always grappling with. The first is part of what makes him a good Net battler, he has an overwhelming desire to learn and understand how all of his opponent's abilities work, and all they are able to do; in fact he gets debilitating anxiety when he is deprived of a good puzzle for a long period of time.

The other is a bit more serious, Aries also suffers from horrible epileptic seizures. When stressed he gets seizures so bad the muscles in his eyes clamp down on the blood vessels causing them to burst, turning his eyes blood red.

Background: Aries is a Military contractor from Sharo, although he is only half Sharovian, his mother was Netfican. Aries is a well trained operative in both net battling and physical prowess, he is the son of the CEO of a Sharovian mercenary group called Ghoul. As such he sells his services to the highest bidder, regardless of alignment. He has a 1 job loyalty policy, meaning he does not betray in mid-job, no matter how much he is offered, however once the job is over his loyalty is up for bid immediately.

Aries' father, David is the leader of the group and is the current holder of an incredibly powerful Navi that has been in the family for generations. According to David, Aries will take "The heart of Sharo" when he becomes the leader of their group. For the moment Aries uses a black HeelNavi named Orthos. Aries is slightly obsessed with ancient myths and knows just about everything in Greek and Egyptian mythology, not surprisingly, the name Aries is a reference to Ares; he just didn't want it spelled the same way.

Orthos EXE.
Element: Null
Subtype: Sword
Type: Heel Navi

Orthos has a sword for a buster weapon, his Charge shot would be a shock wave attack.

Appearance: Orthos looks like a typical Heel Navi, only black. He also does not have the trademark scar most Heel navi have. Orthos' eyes are bright yellow, except for he activates program 451T8-M1R38; and then they are blood red. Orthos has one spike on each shoulder; both are a bit longer than those of a normal Heel Navi, as they are used for combat, not decoration.

When Orthos stands he tends to lean back on his heels, as if to put as much distance between himself and the person in front of him, in fact, for this reason he is terribly off balance. When threatened, Orthos stops leaning, and draws himself up to his full height, which is bigger than most Navi's.

When under the effects of program 451T8-M1R38 he ceases to lean backwards, instead leaning into everyone, he leads with his head, instead of his pelvis. When under this effect he ceases to speak, he acknowledges the existence of everyone, although he refuses to respond to any stimulus with any reaction except for violence.

Personality: Despite his frightening exterior, Orthos is a bit of a coward, he won't run away, but at the same time he is very shy, and hates fighting. For this reason he has trouble trusting people or even making friends. However, he puts a lot of merit into the relationships that he cultivates, which is reflected in his signature moves (You'll see).

The Mythical beast Orthos had two heads, one to look forward, another to look back, if his normal self looks back 451T7-M1R37 is the forward head. When activated he ceases to have a personality of which to speak, although he still refuses to delete those he considers friends. The program was made to force the Docile Orthos to attack when pushed into a corner or alone. He still can recognize friends and foes.

Signature Attacks:

Guardian Movement
Teleport + Heal other 30 (90)
This is a defensive move where Orthos Teleports in front of an attack that is to hit an ally to defend them. It may not be used in an aggressive manner. This is used to give cover to the person he is trying to protect, while healing them.
Charge: 1 action
Cool down: 3 turns


None as of yet

(If any one can figure out what 451T8-M1R38 is code for I will be very impressed.)
((Please Read This!))

Your description is pretty good, but your mechanics need work.
First off, you need to assign Orthos.EXE an Element (Fire, Elec, Aqua, Wood or Normal) and a Subtype (Sword, Wind, Break, Cursor, Recovery, or Normal).

Second, you need to describe what your custom weapon is, and what it's charged attack would be. For example, a buster with a charged shot (Just damage, no additional effects allowed).

Third, you only start with 60 signature attack points, not 370! You can make as many signature attacks as you want, but you only have 60 signature attack points to work with. Start out with one sig attack that costs 60 signature attack points for now, then you can buy more points later.
Alright, I'm confused, so I have 60 sig points total? That's annoying, basically to start i may only have one attack. Fixed I think.
You have 60 signature attack points TOTAL. Everyone starts out with 60 sig attack points. Don't forget you will have battlechips as well!
But I can nerf to get another 50% I added charge1 in order to be able to do both. 60+30(the charge)=90
Yep, noticed it. Looks okay to me. Please wait for an Admin or an Official to approve your application.
Ok, thanks.
Alright, just a couple things...

1. You mention "Dragoon" during Aries personality. Is this a mistaken reference to a changed navi name, or a different navi altogether?

2. Your sig goes "50 point teleport + 40 Point 30 health Heal = 60 Signature attack Pool + 30 Charge Action Nerf", correct? That works and all, but since the total cost of the signature is 90, you need to have a 3 turn cooldown. (You take the cost including the nerfs and divide by 40, rounding up if it goes over.)

3. If you turn the numbers in your nice little extra mode for Orthos (451T7-M1R37) It becomes "Deatg Marcg". Did you happen to mean 8 in place of those 7s (making it Death-March), or was it some sort of ridiculous coincidence?

Otherwise it looks decent. You have interesting concepts and what not.

So looking good, if you fix up the signature attack you should be all set.

Yeah, they were supposed to be 8's, I must have miscounted. /swt

Anyway, I fixed what you said up.

Oh and I originally planned for this guy to have a navi called Dragoon, I might do it later, my character is the type to continually rebuild the same navi, like Ken'ichi Hino (Mr. Match).
Alright, looks good.


Get: Shotgun, Cannon, and Rageclaw Chips
Get: Undershirt, ATK +1, RPD +1, CHG +1 NaviCust Piecec
Get: 2x MiniEnergy

Have fun. ((Also, if you don't know what a chip or Navicust piece does, feel free to check the information database for a complete list of stats and effects.
Thank you!