Pedestrian Stuff! Ick!

So you know, I've been wanting to do a mission, but as I said before, I won't and as I've also explained that because the missions revolve around doing good deeds in the name of the "NetPolice" then that's pretty queer and so not Keera and Majesty's style since they hate NetSociety as is.

So why aren't there any missions for these type of people who want to do them but at the same time distance themselves from the goodness sake of aiding NetSociety?
Do you perhaps mean something like a more general request board, in addition to the NetPolice Mission board.

In which case, there would be missions of all different types, which may or may not aid NetSociety. I can't think of a great justification for the Navi upgrades, or the GMO rewards, as far as normal request missions would go. I suppose it could be harder missions, put up by rich benefactors who want important jobs done, potentially of questionable origins.

This is pretty much under the same lines of how NetMafia members can request NetMafia missions, but only if they belong to the NetMafia. I undertsnad that this makes sense IC as otherwise the NetMafia would be found by the NetPolice, but personally I think it would be more fair to the two opposing sides if they were equally easy to gain positive reputation with, I suppose.

As far as any suggestions as to how that could go over, I suppose that the NM request board could be in UnderNet BBS. And the General Request board could be on the Internet City board, like the NetPolice missions.

So, basically, I guess that I like this idea, as well. I think it would be nice for missions to exist for those who don't want to allign themselves with the NetPolice.

Indeed, the board is screaming for an increased variety of... "quests". I suppose there could be a Help-Message board, like in MM6, albeit not tied to the NetPolice or Officials, but where regular citizens would publicly post problems and request the aid of a freelance netbattler.

And since we're on the topic...




Check out this page for a mini-event i'll be fronting for the next few weeks/months. But don't be put off by the NetPolice tag. You could look at it as the "citizen" posting through the services of the NetPolice (since I wasn't sure how else to do it). Otherwise, the mini-event will have no relation to the NetPolice.

But, eh, I can see how that still might not fit. Your characters, your choice.

- Huzzah!
Why not just turn the BBS into a mission request board in addition to its' current chatting function?

We already have a ??? NPC, so why not just use that for mission giving there, and use it?