hey, wats a rouge net??????????????? that wasnt in the games, or was it, i dont kno someone tell me...................

oh, andd whats differnt that i should know for SGT.PORTER??????
Well, the Rogue Nets are basically a more advanced version of the Net. There is a pretty nice backstory, but I am uncertain as to whether or not we are ready to release that information. For now, just think of them as the next step in the road to becoming a Net Hero. As for Porter, as I've said, he was deleted and the new rules state that when a Navi is deleted, that's it. There is no more back up data. If you die, you die and that's all there is to it. It is unfortunate that you weren't around when Porter was deleted, but what's done is done. You'll have to make a new Navi. Of course, you seem to know what you are doing so I doubt there will be much of a problem. May I suggest a long range swordsman Navi?
oh yea rouge net is where sgt.porter was made, then

and lt.abyss keeps sgt.porter on him at all times so he cant be deleted without him knowing..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sigh...I hate to be the one to bring you the bad news...But I just found out that Lt. Abyss was killed last month in a gang shootout. It seems that he was shot in the femoral artery and bled to death. Looks like you'll have to make a new NetOp as well. It's sad how things keep changing when we are gone, but the world goes on, eh? May I suggest a pirate/ninja NetOp to go along with your ranged swordsman?
hey why are you bein mean to me i just want to play with you guys again. i have training from the war so that i can kill undernet viruses.
Sigh, I knew this would happen. Look, I'm not trying to be mean. It's just that we've changed some of the rules around since you've been gone. Unfortunately, one of those rules is that "The World Moves On" and any unactive NetOp/Navi team can be killed off with a 2/3rds vote of the populace. Sadly, this coincides with the "Dead is Dead" rule where there is no longer any back-up data. If your Navi dies, you have to make a new one. Same for NetOps, of course.
but sg.tporter cant be deleted he has virus programs in him
Yes, but unfortunately virus programs do not defend against Anti-Virus Soul Fist Maneuvers. They shattered Lt. Porter's virus programs and shredded his Core Data, thus permanently deleting the Navi.


but sg.tporter cant be deleted he has virus programs in him

He's dead, Jim.
Very true. Zeta Navi's cannot be deleted due to there ability to go Point Blank. However, Lt. Porter was stripped of his Zeta Status and was no longer able to truely enter Point Blank mode. This is of course due to the Status Crush Signature Move of Crushman.
This is fuggin' epic.
May I also remind you guys that we injected special coding into the new viruses of this site, granting them power to override the Zeta Navi's ability to not be deleted?
Geez guys, get with the program.
I wonder what Lt. PORTER can come up with to foil the viruses now, eh?

Perhaps drastic action is needed.
Even drastic action was rendered useless by our new coding, Hiko. There is no hope for our hero now.
Then whatever can he do?
Must he resort to even longer epic works of art in posts that he already manages?
That would--
No. Impossible!
We must find a way to over-ride this coding!
Unfortunately the coding already has its own time removing device, blocking any hacking from getting into it to change the time.
The only time Mr. Porter will be able to not be deleted starts April 2nd 2009.
Well, I guess I just have to reveal- Melodramatic Action 1.05. IN ORDER TO SAVE WHAT IS DEAR TO SERAPHIM... WHATEVER.
Okay! So our valiant protagonist can continue his campaigning next year.
I see.

Good luck, noble hero!