Name: Sam
Age: 13
Gender: male

Appearance: Sam is always wearing a one white long shirt on the inside and a short black shirt on the outside. He has beige shorts. On his head he wears a red bandanna. He has long silver boots like his rival. He is Caucasian.

Personality: Sam is a kind, but sarcastic. Not everybody understands when he is being sarcastic usually except for his friend, Trillian. He is underestimated by some people, but not always. He loves his friends and NetNavi and would do anything for them.

PET Modifications:
This PET has a back up storage to Sam's Desktop. It has 176GB hardrive and a wireless jack-in router. It can connect to Sam's Hompage Data base at any time. It also has a I-phone built in as well as a camera/Video-camera that has doubled lense.

Name: StealthMan.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Sword
Appearance: StealthMan has black shorts a white stripe going through it, a grey long sleeved coat. He has a Red Bandanna like his operators with StealthMan's Emblem on it. His emblem looks like an S with lines coming out of the side.
Personality: Very close to his operator. Never lets his allies down. Can be sassy at times, and is always anxious to fight even though he over-extends himself. Sam constantly remind him that he isnt THAT strong.
Custom Weapon: StealthGun. A GunDelSol type weapon.
Signature Attack: StealthSword (3 Times at 20 Damage each DMG + 2 Turn Cool-down) StealthMan gets out his magnificant sword, and runs up to the enemy(s) and swipes 3 times at 20 Damage each swipe.
If you wanna bet that my friend was at my house, than do so. See what I care if my IP Address was used. StealthMan (Sam in real world) Comes home with meh after school every day and his mom comes at like 4:30 to pick him up.

And I am not beign stupid.
I know IP checks don't lie. Hmmm I am logged on two accounts at one time. Real-StealthMan post when he reads this! than check THAT IP.
No I was using his comp. at his house now that Im home check!
Edit: Sorry. I just hate it when that happens.

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Ahh, you're right. Sorry about that, but stuff like this happens every so often.

Any case, all that should be cleared about up. I'm not the greatest at rating profiles, but this one's alright, if a little short.

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It's a little on the Short side, but nothing is seems to be wrong with it.


You Get:
2x MiniEnergy Subchip
1x RageClaw Chip
1x Cannon Chip
1x Shotgun Chip
1x UnderShirt NCP
1x Attack +1 NCP
1x Charge + 1 NCP
1x Rapid + 1 NCP