Jieves the Butler

Name: Jieves Charlseton
Height: 5' 8
Build: Skinny
Hair: SLicked all the way back with gel - Yellow Hair
Occupation: Trillian's Butler
You will ALWAYS find Jieves wearing his suite. He never goes anywhere without it unless its his off days. Saturday and Friday. He never takes off for some bizare reason. His face is always smiling with Pride and Joy.
Jieves is a friendly man with a NetNavi called LambMan. His Navi is the oppisite of himself. Jieves always carries out orders, and always does things that he really doesnt need to. He always does his best. Lives in Trill's House.

LambMan Extension: .EXE
Height: 3' 4
Hair: Puffy and All over except face
Buld: Stout, Chubby
Occupation: Net Navi
LambMan is a NetNavi that is on 4 Legs like a Lamb. His main strength is Rapid. He is very short and not long at all, but he has 2 Powerful Horns on his head that do damage. They also puch the enemy back. LambMan isnt that "respected".
LambMan is close to oposite of his Net Operator Jieves. He is very serious and just wants to destroy everything that comes in his path. He is proud of himself and over confident. He thinks he can do anything.

Signature Move:
Rage of the Lamb
LambMan flings himself at the enemy 2 times doing 30 Damage Each.
1. Use our format when registering stuff; get rid of the build, occupation, whatever.

2. NO. Unless you're already ditching your Trillian/Dark Boy pair, having two sets of characters at once is as against the rules as it gets. Pick one or the other.
Im not ditching them...I asked Paladin if I could Mod Jieves and he said yes if I registered him. And he told me to put the build in.