Leo and Bard.EXE

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Name: Leo Umi
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Describition: Leo is a tall young man who is heavyset. He stands about 6' 3" tall and weights over 250 pounds. His eyes show clear sleep derivision in their faded brown iris. His black hair sets futher back on his skull and he keeps it short. He is a very unclean young man, this being shown by how his hair is plastered to his head by oils and sweat. He prefers to spend hi time programming and changing his Navi around. Leo wears a plain white t-shirt with a blacked out Navi image on it. Under the Navi image it says, "You death was too quick to see the killer." Leo wears a pair of tan shorts, showing his pale skin. Leo's shoes are pretty standard, and can be bought anywhere basically. Leo wears a green jacket tied around his waist.
Personiliaty: Leo is very intelligent, wise, quick-thinking and a brillient planner. However, he is also very shy and resevered from other humans, and prefers to spend time with his Navi instead. Leo will never approach a person, espically not a female. He would rather sit back and watch people instead. He can solve just about any problem he is confronted with.
PET Mods: The PET is black with grey edges and two music notes on it. IT has a headphones jack in so that Leo can talk with his Navi.

Name: Bard.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Description:Bard.EXE is an unsual Navi. He operator is a wise, happy person. Bard.EXE is not and this is shown in both her appearnace and attutide. Bard.EXE is a short thin Navi, the oppostie of her operator. Bard has straight black hair that falls to her shoulders and dangles infront of her eyes. Her hair is hi-lighted blode and red. Bard's eyes are a soft green color. Her face is think and her eyes are futher set than most. This is not an obivious feature. Bard has a average bust size, hitting around 34C. She has bigger hips however, hitting 37 inches there.

Bard.EXE wears a pait of small, round black sunglasses that sit lower on her face revealing her eyes. Bard.EXE also wears a black hat, giving her a poetic look almost. She has the classic Navi undersuit, which is colored back and very form fitting. She wears a large black loose shirt over her. The shirt reached down to her finertips, and stops at her mid theigh. Bard also wears a short skirt over her undersuit as well. Hoever this skirt is noramlly not visible, as it is covered by the shirt most of the time. Bard.EXE wears no shoes or foot wrappings, instead her undersuit extends and covers her feet. Bard.EXE wears several chains, barcelts, and necklaces. One of the necklaces is a large sword pendent with a rose wrapping around the blade of the sword. She also wears a studded belt on the outside of her shirt. The belt isn't to tight, but it does show were her waist line is.

Personilaty: Bard is a very dark and strange Navi. She often talks in riddles and in a weird scratching voice. Bard, just like her operator, is often distant towards others, expect for her operator. Unlike her Operator however she will approach another Navi if she sees fit or wants to. She is very emontial and often lets that control her in battle. Only Leo's voice can calm her down most of the time. Because of this she often needs guideance and help in battle. Her emontions make her unpredictable.

Custom Weapon: Bard.EXE has more than one cutsom weapon, but only one will do damage. She has a crow familiar(see below), a small drum, a piccolo, and her voice. Only her voice does damage. She is a bard, and thus sings spells and uses music to cause harm.

Standard Attack: Bard sings a few basic notes and deals minor damage to an opponet. (Buster shot)

Charged Damage: Bard sings an octave and deals minor damage to an opponet. (Charged Damage)

Sig Attack: Dark Sphere.

Bard beings playing a beat on the drum, and swaying with the music. Her eyes close and she beings to sing. As she sings a ball of darkness forms over the target. The ball decends over the target and deals damage and blindness. Bards words are.

As the darkness Creeps
Your eyes being to weep
The light is gone from you vision
you are about to fail your mission.

Darkness strikes fear at you heart.
You can no longer play your part.
The darkness attacks your eyes
and your vision, it dies.

The darkness is your pain
you are put to Shame.
The darkness attacks you flesh
as your screams mesh.

Mesh with dark walls
inside this soild Ball.
You start to Fade away,
Ad Bard lives another day.

-40 Damage to one target
-Target is blinded for two turns. Blind cause lack of accuracy.
-3 turn Cooldown.

Crow Familiar: Whenever bard uses a chip, the data in displayed to her as notes and words for her to sing and play. The notes and words form the spell data, which is sent to her Crow Familiar. The crow familiar is simply the focus point for her chip data, and counts as one of her hands. The crow familiar can't deal damage, other than the chip, can't be hit, can't move on its own, can't even pick up zenny data.

Bard and Dodging: Bard is always sitting down in order to play her drums and sing unaltered. So she has a differnet way of dodging. Whenever bard uses a dodge as an action she must either play a few notes on her piccolo, or sing the same notes. Her dodges are simply she is teleported a few feet to the left or right, just enough to avoid the shot. The shot can still hit Bard, and this movement cound exactly the same as a dodge.

Close Combat Chips: Bard doesn't like to fight in close combat. Whenever she does it means her only weapon is her voice and she can't play any instruments. She may put a close combat chip, rageclaw or sword, on her hand, or her crow. The crow holds the chip until it is overridden, and MUST be overridden before she can use it for another attack. Crow still can't be hit, even when useing the close combat chip.

Legacy Items: All I had was some chips and the basic pack from the other site. I would like to keep the Hp+50, the cannon, sword, and shotgun. Basically...everything I had.

I think everything is in order here now. Pretty sure. I should be good to go.
Blind can't grant complete loss of sight. Accuracy loss can be granted, tho.

If that's alright, then you're approved.
Yeah. Thats fine. I think thats what I meant anyways...O.o
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GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

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