Buff question

Does the new +20 buff affect this sig:

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Signature attack: Kitsune-Bi: Kitsune summons a trio of 5-HP ghostly fireballs, one from each of his tails. These automatically taunt one enemy each per turn into attacking them, for a total of three enemies taunted each turn until they're destroyed. 2-turn cooldown after all fireballs are destroyed.

If so, how could/would it?
1. There is a thread for this. It's pinned, and is titled "The everything you ever wanted to know thread".

2. Those fireballs, if I understand correctly, are the equivalent of 20 damage each. So, 60 damage towards cap, 20 of that cooldown free, you would have a 1TCD.
Thanks. I understood about the rules, but I didn't understand how my signature attack would change.
There isn't an actual boost to any sigs, at this point. The only buff that the +20 gave is the fact that now, a two turn cooldown sig would be 100 points of damage. A 1 turn cooldown sig would be 60 points of damage. A 0 turn cooldown sig is passive, and not possible as an active sig.

So, just look at the points your sig is equal to, subtract 20, divide by 40, and round up. That's the cooldown of your sig.

But your sig is just... kind of confusing. The only reason I assumed it was 20 damage=1 fireball is becuase you only had 3. >_<
This is great, now I'm not the only non-"powerhouse" fighter...