IRC Server

Via the joys of EsperNet, I managed to get a free IRC chatroom for you to use, if you want. You can either click here, or use the details below...

Server :
Channel : #rern

If you lemme know when you're on, you can set up the Ops and stuff, and install bots. That server allows friendly bots only. And I think it supports NickServ.
Double post, because I need a mod or higher to log in so I can get them to register with Chanserv to make it permanent.
What? A chat client with multiple moderators?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Cry* But... but I liked being the main chat guy! D:

Nal, this is what the Java chat's for.
Well, it's just an offer. I dunno about you, but I prefer IRC clients. Multiple moderators, totally free, the / me commands, 100% less soundspam, etc.

But meh. Like I said, that's probably just me. Regardless, I'll keep it up if you guys want it.