Autobattles and a ton of other Ideas

Well, I have been thinking about the Colosseum, and I don't know if this Idea has been thought of yet, but have been thinking of Autobattles.

This goes like this.

There is a Admin/ someone else who has permission.

He states two challengers.

Now, before the battle, people bet on who wins, they get to look at the challengers stats and all that.

After a amount of set time, mods, admins, officals, and the one who made the thread, keep the battle going like this:

Kazu: Grovic (First challenger) sword and stuff

Haku: Demax (Second challenger) block with guard and stuff

Soon: (Modding) guard gets overpowered and stuff

Zky: Demax; cannon and stuff

Soon: Grovic; jump to dodge and stuff

Haku: (Modding) dodge works and all that

... Keeps going

So it's like, some random Admin/offical/mod chooses what he wishes to do and what charry he plays. No charry can be played twice in a row on the same turn, and as soon as both charry has been played another admin/offical/mod mods the turn, then they start all over till the end, and if people bet on the winning player that get double money back, if not... well you know... they lose the money.

Order of which charry goes first is random, depends on the mods choosing. And I think this if more easy if mutiple mods do it so that in case of the thread starter leaving, other mods can keep it going till it ends so money is not wasted. Plus I want something to gamble on this fourm. Also, turn splices can be done, if one wants to do so.

Just throwing this out if other mods read this: this could be a viable starting point, at least, for a certain factor we could include in a system Paladin is working.

Sorry, Cindy, I'm not sure but that system might be under wraps right now. ^^; I'll PM you if the idea comes to any fruition. I'm going to make a modcave post that draws on this idea.

Also, I'm not sure about the system myself, so that might get some discussion going on it. XD