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I have this navi idea in my head that I would really love to RP with a completely original Netop. The navi's personality, background, etc. is completely original, however there is an element I was hoping to have that comes from an anime called Bleach. The idea was to have it so that the blade the navi wields has its own personality and name. Also the signature attacks would be based around a system involving the sword showing the navi how to perform certain maneuvers, another theme from the show. I was wondering if such a thing would violate the rule stating that no navi should be heavily based off...

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-TV shows
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-ANY Rockman characters.

Any advice or guidance from the Administration can offer would be highly valued and greatly appreciated.
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It all really depends on whether you can pass it off as being original or not. Transforming weapons would probably fly, as long as it doesn't seem like a blatent rip off, say a whip-like sword that can be pulled together for a ridged sword. Also, living blades aint something exclusive to Bleach. There's always Soul Edge and the like. As for a spirit instructing new moves, that reminds me more of the skeletal guardian in Twilight Princess. Not sure how much you'd actually be ripping off in this situation. Its as I've been taught, "Everything's been done at this point in literature. Originality isn't making something new, its taking old things and rearranging them in a way that hasn't been done before" or something to that degree. Mind giving a discription on what you were planning exactly? It'll be easier to point out any ripoffs if how its being presented is shown.
While I am not an admin or mod or whatever, the idea that the blade has an own personality and talks to its owner was used in multiple stories, Bleach is just one of the most recent/popular ones. I'd say go for it.
The general idea goes something like this. Basically the navi was developed for this special pent-blade assault style, where a blade is wielded by each arm and leg plus one in the mouth. The navi was developed by a special laboratory working on experimental battle styles and navi types, and while he was there he made some very strong connections. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The Laboratory one day was annihilated by a pack of ravenous darkloids that sought to corrupt various navis. While he was with his friends the navi group was ambushed. At the time the navi had been the strongest fighter, most of his friends being more recon and support type navi's. The inexperienced navi had to battle a pack of 10 vicious dark loids that had been battling for about 15 years. Needless to say the poor navi fell in less then a minute; and was forced to watch the murder of his friends while he slowly died. After finishing off his friends the raid of bandits left the navi for dead and raided the cyber lab. The navi clung just barely to life, when a group of first response medi-programs arrived and slowly rehabilitated him to fully operational state. The process was gruel and painful, it took 2 months for a full recovery from the trauma. After his recovery the penta-sword wielder was essentially tossed out onto the street and had to fend for himself; until one fateful day which the navi would forever regret. While wandering the streets doing some basic bug busting, a goofy 10 year old kid saw him and thought he would make a really neat navi, so he used a "Hi-jack Ring", effectively taking the navi hostage. The kid was a complete rich-boy spoiled brat in all sense of the phrase, and the navi couldn't stand it, yet he had to deal with it. The navi was callas and bitter, he held a cold and hard personality and poured all his efforts into netbattling, into improving himself so he could protect others; so that he could live with his inability to protect his friends. One day during training the penta-blade wielder was beat, and left near death. The stuck up brat had left his PET at home that day disconnected from the Internet, which he had left the navi on earlier. Bleeding to his death the navi encounters a strange figure that halts time, and they have a conversation in which the character starts yelling at him for not even wanting to know his name after all these years of fighting. Apparently the programmers had meant for the navi to eventually learn of the personality and actual being they had infused into the sword's very data. The blade becomes a councilor and friend of the navi that tries to help him get threw his problems and scars he had suffered over the years. One of the signature attacks takes 4 of the blades and mergers them together into to jagged odd edged blades in either hand and make the blade in the navi's mouth disintegrate and reform as a floating blade that strikes by itself out in front of the navi.

Dude... thats a bit... extreme.... But looks good to me.

Who would be his operator? The spoiled brat?
OOOOh nice story line...But i remeber trying to make a story line like that and it was totaly rejected. Granted, that was one the older version of this site but still i don't think you are gonna be able to get that kind of storyline past the Admins unlesss you make a sub plot. I am not an admiin though so none of my advice is really worth anything
Yeah the general idea is that the navi is stuck with the 10 year old rich-boy brat, to put there relationship bluntly....

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I think that'd work for a backstory. The main two things I think an Admin might have a problem with are these:

1.) Multiple weapons. Of course, I think that was only really enforced on the old site and also believe that there's one navi floating around with seven swords or something. Ku's guy, I think. I wouldn't worry about this point so much.

2.) Having a personality in the sword might be too much like having another navi. Basically, when you're trying to sell this idea, make sure its clear that this is pure fluff and for RP reasons only. The sword won't be able to magically take a form other than the sword and try to distract the enemy or anything of the like.

Over all, this doesn't seem like a blatent rip. Its done well enough that it should fly. Problems mentioned above shouldn't be that big of a hinderance, a mere explantion being all that's needed to clear them. Probably. Maybe. I think...... Yeah, you should be good.
But at least in the second option that Majin presented, there's a deal of precedence. There is currently a player with two Navi that act independently of one another and then there's our dear friend Rass, a Navi with 4 individual identities floating around in him. So long as the weapon is incapable of moving or acting on it's own except in cases of signature attacks, I see no reason myself to rule it out. Granted, I'm no mod, but by looking at the past I see few reasons why it would not be allowed.

Really the biggest problem you're going to face is showing that this is your own idea, or better put, making the idea your own. Just seperate it from the Bleach version and you'll be fine. After all, there have been plenty of talking swords, not to mention other weapons, over the years. I'm sure there have been cases of individuals inspired to use something based off of Dungeons and Dragons and sentient items are seen often enough in it. The whole, learning from the blade, thing, might be a little hard to pull off, but I can't say exactly how so. I've actually never watched an episode of Bleach myself, so I suppose it would have to do with how closely the personality of the weapon resembles the other, or something similar at least. At the worst, you could ditch the 'learning' thing and I'm fairly sure it would pass. As is, it doesn't seem too bad. Again, I'm no mod, but I fail to see where it would, well, fail, heh.

One last note, a snobby brat of an operator? My, Sin was rather accurate in his statements about our similarities, heh. What's that old saying, great minds think alike? But that's just my ego running amuck.

Again, you'll have to wait for a mod before you can get any definite answers, but it doesn't look bad. If you've got your character's set up, personality and definition wise, and you're familiar with the character creation process in rules, I'd suggest you just make a new topic in the new users thread and hope for the best. That way, if there are any problems beyond your weapon and it's personality, well, you can get those extra problems out of the way as well.
Raiden got in with two paragraphs worth of backstory. If anything, backstory would be encouraged, instead of just having your dude drop out of the blue and run off killing everything in sight on ACDC.

Just as long as you understand the line between 'backstory' and 'subplot', it should work just fine. (For example, I really really have to tread a fine line in order to keep Raiden from falling over the edge into Subplot Land, where he'll get banned, deleted and/or raped for not having a subplot registered. I think little pieces of foreshadowing are accepted by the Mods, but when you start pulling in entire characters and scenarios, things really start getting antsy.)

Yeah, there's the two cents you asked for, Gandalf. XD

Five bucks says that I just stated something that somebody else already did five or six posts up.