Type Change Sig Attack

I posted in registration, but its been awhile with no response. Might as well ask others while I wait.

What would people think of a level 1 sig attack that allowed someone to change sub-type(to a specific one). What do you think would be the required cool-down for such a technique? This would be a semi-permanent change, lasting until he used the sig attain to change back.

On a side note, further sig attacks would require him to be in one state or another to use them.
I believe Eon has a sig like this before.

Something like he could add an additional sub type for HP per turn, can't remember the details.

I think it was lvl1 or 2.
Eon's already done this I think.
If I recall correctly, he gains two sub-types but only for a certain duration. I think he also had more bonus' worked in there.

Mine would be just switching between two. Relatively simple. It would also not have a duration, it would merely be the act of changing. Needed to be used again to change back.

Edit: Correction
His also gives him damage bonus' and it does last forever.

His only direct detriment is that he cannot use ranged chips. He also will only have swords last at most two turns (I thought originally this meant the mode), but knowing how much he uses them, I would expect this anyway.

Oh, and he gets a different sig atack.

Knowing this I would be a bit surprised if mine was not permited, but *shrug*.
Direct Detriments:
* No ranged chips.
* Recovers 1/2 the normal amount from chips and sigatks. Subchips heal Break types for the normal amount.
* Barriers have 1/2 the usual HP. (This Doesn't include Signature attacks of Seraphim's)
* Charged shots are less accurate than other types.
* Dodges are slightly less effective.
* Easy target for ranged attacks.
* Swords only last two turns, along with all that.

Since swords and breaks no longer have weaknesses or strengths, I may have to edit that.

And that sig attack isn't different, it's the same one, just distributed damage differingly. I just can't use the other one, as it's ranged.
My apologies, I read it within the context of itself not the other sig attack.

I was counting direct detriments though as things other than the type change itself.

All the same, I think mine might be acceptable.
Hmm. Being able to be one type or the other at any given time is a bit of a break from our system.

I suppose the fact that it takes an action to change makes it okay. For now I'll allow this and hope no one complains.

Be aware that if anyone does, you and Eon will both have to make some changes. What those changes will be, I don't yet know.

Approved. When you post, link to this post.