Like A Whole New BN Game

Don't get your hopes up, I'm not fully returning. Just some new stuff.


Name: Zeo Yamikagi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Zeo is of average height (I don't really know what that is), and has dirty blonde hair down to his shoulders. He has bright blue eyes and a shirt of nearly the same color. The shirt has a Mettool on the upper left, but it is concealed by an unzipped white vest with a small pocket on his (What's the closest one to your shoulder? The opposite of forearm.) for his PET. He wears black jeans with various pockets, and old black shoes with a red stripe across them.
Personality: Zeo is a go-getter, and loves netbattling. He takes it upon himself to butt into anything dangerous, even at the risk of his own life. He hates the cold, and will usually overdress to keep warm. He is an intelligent kid and also loves playing chess, which he calls "primitive netbattling". He rarely loses. He tries to always be cheerful, to keep himself going. He has a dream of becoming an Official.
PET Modifications: Rubber jacket for better grip and shock absorbance.


Name: Tornado
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind
Appearance: Grey, and same size as a NormalNavi. He has a yellow stripe along his back, which splits at his waist and goes down his legs and to his toes. The top of the stripe can extend over Tornado's head to his forehead and come out the sides to make a helmet. On his chest is his emblem, a (three guesses) tornado. He has navy blue hair that looks just like Zeo's, down to his shoulders. His eyes are green, and he usually wears a red scarf because it makes him look "better".
Personality: Programmed to be much like Zeo, with an in-your-face attitude and (though you wouldn't know by looking) high intelligence. He gets along well with Zeo, but would rather be fooling around than netbattlinbg.
Custom Weapon: None. He uses punches and kicks
Signature Attack: Tornado Tackle - Tornado jumps into the air and flies forward in a backwards tornado. Can hit up to three enemies, damage divided accordingly. (1=60 2=30 3=20)

Do I keep anything since it's the same op? At least the stuff I can remember? *coughfirebladecoughjoke* *hackprocessupgradescoughhacknojoke*

I like this guy.

And I'm borrowing my friend's MMBN3 (yay) so after I play I may start getting more active, but I dunno.

EDIT: If allowed, I want to keep 1 of my speed upgrades, HiCannon (4000z) and EnergyBomb (600). Possibly Minibomb, but that goes 100z over 5000z. Also 2 HP Mems.

If allowed, I'd also like to keep my process upgrade L2, but I dunno if I can do that on a new Navi.
Needs Charged/Rapid attack descriptions, methinks.

Choose only 2 legacy items, please! You've got too many things!
Sorry. I wasn't sure on that. And now that the chipset has been changed, I'd like to keep a Sword chip and a speed upgrade.

Rapid: A punch/kick
Charge: A fist/foot covered in energy

Is that fine?
Sword and Speed Upgrade?

Very well. Minimalistic, but it works.

Edit those in, and you're...
What? Am I allowed more? I thought you said two. Unless that means two chips (5000z limit) and two upgrades?
I meant your descriptions, silly.
Ah. Nevermind then.

Note to self: Slap self

Note to self that does notes to self: You're fired.

Oh, and what is the opposite of forearm?