Bo and American

((Well, I won't stay away. When people need me. You guys need someone like me on your side. I have powerful friends, not really.))

Name = Bo
Age = 14
Gender = Male

Appearance = Bo looks like a normal teenager, his face is a little bony and such. His hair is long enough to touch his collar on his shirt. And his bangs reach into his eyes, it's a dark brown coloring also. His sides go back a little like it's bent backwards. He is pretty tall, taller then alot of the people his age. He wears a red t-shirt, over a black longsleeve undershirt. He wears dark blue jeans, and they sag a bit. He has to hold his jeans up when he runs, because their so loose. They have some rips in the sides, and his pockets are torn up. He wears brown shoes, that have flat soles.

Personality = He acts towards people like a hood. Thats what people think of him as when he talks and acts. He always speaks his mind vividly. And people don't think thats cool sometimes, which is why Bo never has friends. But when he makes a friend, he tries to keep them forever.

PET Modifications = His PET is red, white, and blue. Also there is a small set of buttons. These buttons have significant uses, mainly for him to input codes that will activate signature attacks. There is also a larger red button. When Bo pushes this button, American gets the data that is inserted. It's basically an enter button.

Name = American.EXE
Gender = Male
Type = Normal
SubType = Accuracy

Appearance = American has a basic stature to his body. He isn't muscular, and his body doesn't support much for a navi. His torso is all red, except for the large star on his body. His arms are white from the shoulder to the wrist. And he wears fingerless gloves that are the color blue. His pants are tight like a regular navi suit, and it is blue. He wears red boots that reach to the kneecap. He has a blue helmet that is covered with stars, and it covers the back of his head. His hair reaches into his eyes, and down to his collarbone.

Description = American lives, speaks, acts, and talks the way of his programming. He thinks differently of people from another country. And if they put up a fuss with him, then he won't let them live to see his death. American speaks his mind also, and acts upon sudden impulses. But his impulses don't always guide his actions, he tries to get some strategy or at least save the mission.

Custom Weapon = M16
Description = A medium sized slick black rifle, with a attachment that is used to fire bombs. It is able to fire off bullets in a fast procession. It's muzzle flash is worth five bullets. He uses cartridges to make his rifle work with the chips. He keeps his cartridges in a pouch that he slings over his shoulder.

Signature attacks = Red, White, and Blue: American pulls out two silver lined, golden pistols. He then empties out three bullets from each gun. And then throws one to the a opponent of the enemy. American will then use his own pistol to fire at the opponent that has his pistol. If that enemy dies, then American may use that last bullet or two to attack other opponents.

Effects =
20dmg per bullet.
Three shots
60dmg cap
Welcome back, Wooga.

Charged attack? Or just a long burst of fire? XD
Just a long burst of fire. It still equals the normal damage for an attack. Should I choose what I get for starting new? If so I want the vouchers for the signature attacks.
You can choose 2 of the 5 items offered. Check out the announcement thread.
And the speed upgrade if I have to choose two of them.

I would like my two shotguns, and a boomerang.
That's 3, Wooga.
I thought we could have three chips from our old folder that added up to 5000 zenny. But they had to be from Soryu's chip shop. Mine equal 4500.

But If I can only have two chips then, Shotgun and Boomerang.
No, I meant you had 3 choices from the 5.

Currently, you've got Chips, Sig Vouchers, and Speed.

Choose one to discard.
Oooh. Hmmm, hard choice. I wanna drop the vouchers actually. Since I'd have to wait to use them. I rather just use the zenny I'd get.

So I want.
Three chips

And Speed Upgrade.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1