The zenny, battlechips, and sig stats carry since this is the same netnavi. Not only that, but it's Empress in an unstable form, so this won't transfer over until the subplot for Keera and Empress.

Name: Venomess.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Recover

Venomess is a rather opposing figure to that of the average nurse as she has the nurse appearance with the hat with a skull instead of that of a red cross. Her outfit being an open top nurse apron with the left breast pocket that buckles at the back rather than ties as it comes over a crimson shade under dress that had an open bottom. Little of it is seen since the apron overlaps it. Her legs are coveted with the black pantyhose that are more dense and heavy shade of black instead of a light white color. Her shoes being the black low heels along with the buckle on the surface. The wholesome white the average nurse will usually have is inverted to a dark and unsettling black.

Her lips are paved with a crimson shade of lipstick as well as her eyes having the eye liner of black to keep her with that usual gothic sense. Her skin is the same pale in her face and her hands being gloved with black. Her hair runs from under the hate in a long slender all the way to her mid back to where the end curls. Her left side of her face is coveted by a stroke of hair that comes over her eye. Her expression is usually an evil smirk at that.

Personality: Really poised, and by that her words are just as venom filled as her fighting style. She usually says something degrading and has the same Empress attitude. She only acts more joyously with her nasty tasks. While Empress takes little thrill in what she does because she often expects it to go was planned, Venomess usually laughs and smiles at her deadly little tasks often giving out a cackle whenever she sees someone suffer. She is the opposite of a nurse as she is sweet during someone's downfall and bitter towards the attitude of them still being alive and a burden.

Custom Weapon: Her custom weapon of choice is usually throwing a needle towards the enemy to pierce their flesh a usual buster attack. She doesn't use blasts and burst finding them a bit loud and irritating when aiming for some vitals so a simple toss of a needle will suffice whenever she plans an attack. When using a charge shot, her needle goes from that, to a large scalpel to slash and cause damage.

Signature Attack:

Passive Sig:

Venomess uses her usual Buster attack Charged Buster to attack. Her Scalpel causing some strong cutting and slashing to strike targets as she gives it a good throw. Having it may lower accuracy, but it's proven to strike shadow type targets since they will most often try to elude her. There isn't a vital that Venomess can't hit. This can only be used once per turn.

Effects: Adds Slashing to Charged Buster or Original
Question! Are all of her SigAttks going to be changing?
Yes, most likely some will change. Since Venomess will be around the field of an assassin like theme, most likely they will be quick and to deliver a poisonous after effect to take care of her enemies while keeping a regenitive ability of a health type navi. I don't have the full details, but I want to have it so that her battle style will make her enemies wear themselves out while she keeps herself good and healthy, so that leaves me more than open with suggestions and a lot fo navi work in the near future when it comes to sigs. I'm just approving this profile and do the sigs later since the event has me in high hopes of acquiring sig points that will modify Venomess when she makes her debut from the sub-plot in store.

This sig doesn't use any points since it's free and only adds slashing to a stat while lowering accuracy, but I don't know if I'll be able to get away with it. It just made sense seeing for her buster she likes to throw sharp and pointy things. For now, this is a profile to be approved for the sub-plot that I'm horribly working on. *sighs*

I'll put more of an effort to make it work, as well as this character's ability.