New Sigs: Short Fuse, Nitro's Secret Recipe

Points used before: 340/420

Powder Keg change: Removing Break, reducing damage slightly

Before: 100 Fire + Break (20) +1 Action Charge Time (-30) + Ground Type Attack Attribute = 90 points (120 before debuff), 3 turn cooldown

After: 80 Fire + 1 Action Charge Time (-30) + Ground Type Attack Attribute = 50 points (80 before debuff), 2 turn cooldown

New Sig:
Short Fuse
After Chris noticed that Nitro had a bit of a temper, he decided that he might as well make it useful. With some careful coding, Chris has been able to use Nitro's anger to activate an overclocking system, which enables him to boost the firepower of his attacks, as well as enable him to shrug off damage more easily. However, this boost in strength comes at a price: the overclocking process is taxing on Nitro's system, and as a result, he takes some slight damage.
Points: 50 Strengthen (50) + 10 Damage Resistance (50) + 15 Self Damage (-20) = 80 points (100 before debuff)
Fluff: Only usable when health is at 100 or lower (self-regulated)

New Sig:
Nitro's Secret Recipe
For a weaker, yet quicker way to strengthening his attacks, Nitro produces a small beaker containing a special blend of explosive liquids and compounds, then proceeds to use it on his weapon of choice in the manner most appropriate, whether it's pouring the blend in it, on it, or, if neccessary, drinking it.
Points: 10 Strengthen (10) + Passive Sig (10x4=40) = 40 points

Points used after: 420/420
Looks good.

Remember Short Fuse has a 3 TCD.