Screwing viruses over one status effect at a time.

Alright, due to lack of use I'll be ditching Data Corruption and adding on these two new signatures.

Removing this:

Data Corruption
ViralMan fires a small glittering ball from his buster. On impact, the ball bursts and spreads over the target, disappearing. Shortly after, the target begins taking damage. The initial shot however, corrodes as it fires and causes damage to ViralMan for a shorter time. 2 turn cooldown.
[30 damage per turn for three turns, 30HP sacrifice, 2 turn cooldown]

Which gives me 60 points, so here's the new ones:

Available points: 210/540

Debilitate I (120 points)
A bulky steel gauntlet appears on ViralMan's arm. The knuckles have three barely visible needles, each one protruding from a knuckle. ViralMan charges an enemy and punches them with it, injecting the target with various fun substances. The effects cause the target to become generally ineffective and slowed while inducing a random glitch in their programming. The steel gauntlet doesn't feel too pleasant either.
[Melee type, 50 damage, 1 turn of Stun (30), Slow (40), Glitch (free 20 due to Infected)=120 points, 3 turn cooldown]

Debilitate II (90 points)
ViralMan's arm transforms into a sort of buster-crossbow hybrid, loaded with a high tech arrow. Once fired, the arrow flies at its target and will embed itself where it impacts, dealing minor damage. The arrow will remain lodged where it lands, and as long as it's there it will interfere with the target's programming (assuming it hit the target) causing their vision to malfunction as well as causing a random glitch.
[Shot type, 30 damage, 1 turn of Blind (60), Glitch (free 20 due to Infected)=90 points, 3 turn cooldown]