New sigs

1. Alloy Hammer (40)
Description: Powered punch attack from blunt weapon on right arm.
Damage: 40dmg
Element: Wood
Effect: None
CD: 1 turn

2. Regenerator2 (40)
Description: Spawns an energy restoration device from Mekka's backpack, can be used on herself or emits an energy beam to heal allies.
Damage: None
Element: None
Effects: Heals 40hp
CD: 1 turn
Not sure why your Signature Attack tab in your forum signature says you have 0 remaining points out of 140, but assuming you were just preempting the removal of those points after having these Signature Attacks approved, I suppose that's ok.

The Signature Attacks themselves look good to me.


Yea I sorta just forgot to change the zero, my bad.