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Signature Attacks
60 / 60

Raiko-ha (roughly 'Lightning Wave'): Holding the index and middle fingers of both hands together and extended, Nachahmen brings his hands together, creating a small spark of elecriticy. Then, lining up one of his hand's thumbs to the two fingers, he pulls back, forming an arrow-like bolt. After creating this weapon, Nac releases his thumb, sending the 'arrow' onward toward a target.

Effects: 10ElecDmg+Stun1+Phasing (10 + 30 + 20 = 60 Total)

Signature Attacks


Kagami no Mai (Dance of Mirrors)

Using electricity, Nachahmen creates a clone of himself. Holographic in nature, its usefulness amounts to little more than serving as a distraction, but is small enough a burden on Nachahmen such that it can be maintained nigh-indefinitely, and is easily replaced should it be disrupted or otherwise destroyed...

(Passive Decoy (20x4 = 80))