Blitz Lightning Signatures

Name: Blitz Attack [60 pts]
Effects: 40 Damage, Tactical Movement, element Elec
: A blindingly fast attack that moves almost faster then the eye can see and punishes the enemy with a powerful melee attack infused with electrical energy. can be done with any part of blitz's body. [2 TCD]

Name: One with her surroundings [40 pts]
Effects: Medium Magnet terrain change, Decoy
: Blitz gather her data and chants a small in incantation before throwing down a small ball composed of electricity. As the ball hits the floor it explodes with electricity tearing up the ground and changing the terrain to magnet type. It also creates a decoy of her in a calm and poised postion as if chanting in preparation of a bigger attack. [1 TCD]
(not yet approved)

Name: Shuriken burst [40 pts]
Effects: Movement, 20 Elec damage
: Blitz throws a five point shuriken out while darting and moving around her target. [1 TCD]
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Quote (trowa194)

Name: Blitz Attack [40 pts]
Effects: 40 Damage, Tactical Movement, element Elec

A tactical movement is the same as a "movement" so that would cost an additional 20 points.

Also, please show your sig pool (how many sig points you have, and how many are unused, etc.)

For your "Shuriken Burst Attack," specify how many shurikens are thrown, ((IE 1x 40dmg, 2x 20dmg, 4 x 10dmg, etc.)) and specify if all of them are aimed at one target (Multi-Hit), or if they are all equally spread out to separate targets (multi-target).

Edit: Finally, for your forum signature, please link to your Navi and Operator profiles. It would probably be easier if you put Blitz's HP, Element/Subtype, etc. in the "Blitz Lightning" tab. Take a look at my signature tag to see what I'm talking about.
ok corrections made i hope they meet the standards
Alright then, good work on making the changes as requested. Approved.