Upgrades and Edits

Editing with newest P.U.:


Active Sig
Paradise's Kiss

Adding - (60 Points)

Total Sig Pool Now: 100 Points

Newest Signatures + Edits

Active Sig
Raffle Grapple ~ A draining attack using a special arrow as well as a vine. Firing off an arrow that is attached with a special grappling device, Rafflesiana aims to stick the enemy with an arrow fired off from her left arm crossbow. After hitting the target, or rather striking the ground, Rafflesiana is pulled forward and whirled through the air closing the distance between herself and the intended target either aligning herself up for a straight, or to get into close combat with the target. The vine will either strike the opponent or hit the land. In either case, it's almost in the act of rooting herself as she absorbs strength in order to gain HP naturally while pulling herself towards the opponent.
(Same Element Wood (Free) + Movement (20) + Damage(10) + Heal(10)) = 40 Sig Points
Cool Down: 1 Turn

Active Sig
Rafflesi-Poison Arrow ~ An arrow attack that is launched towards the enemy in attempt to cause damage as well as to stun. The Poison upon the arrow does not break the system to inflict damage, but instead simply attacks the system causing stun in which the target would be helpless and would be unable to act for one action.
(Same Element Wood (Free) + Damage (10) + Stun (30) = 40 Sig Points
Cool Down: 1 Turns

Sig Points Remain - 20
Oh no, you split drain into two effects which now allows you to always heal; you fiend.

Naw. 'tis cool. That's the good side of being Recov type.

Which brings me to a real point: You don't have your element or subtype listed anywhere in you sig. You also don't have buster, but that doesn't bother me for approving your sigs. If you could add those two things I'd be grateful.

Also just be aware that the stun won't take effect immediately but instead takes effect at the start of the targets next turn, like all debuffs.

Assuming you knew this already, everything looks good.

Cool. I was forgetting something in my sig a moment ago and that was it. I'll get to it in a minute.
Active Sig
Rafflesi-Arrow~ Launches a direct arrow attack. By extending her left arm, Rafflesiana's wrist produces a crossbow like weapon weaving together vines similar to that of a rubber tree as well as her free right hand producing Roses with thorns that work like arrows. Firing two of these arrows off, she aims for her targets. (Wood Element.)
(Same Elemental(Free) + (Damage 20) x 2(Multi-Target)) = 40 Sig Points
1 - Turn Cool Down

(Editing this one on the ruling that Multi-Hit/Targeting can not be designated as the same.)
Cool, looks good.

Though it helps if I can see what you're changing it from. I got it this time, though.