Putting On a Show!

Current Signature Attacks:
Rafflesi-Arrows - 40 Points

Remaining Sig Points: 20 Points
Purchased Points: 80 Points

New Capacity: 140 Points

60/15 - Sig Capacity

Passive Sig
Signature Defense - Pollen Veil
Pollen veil is a barrier defense that is used by Rafflesiana by via, letting out a blast of Pollen from her pores that seem to cover a single target. The barrier itself seems to grow thick depending on the HP making it apparent how much of an attack is needed to expose Rafflesiana for an attack. As of now, the barrier is able to produce a minor amount of thick pollen to protect her from attacks.
[10 HP Barrier (10) - 10 Sig Points (Passive Property x4)]
Sig Points - 40

Signature Sig
Signature Attack - Paradise's Kiss
A Signature Technique of Rafflesiana's own design that focused around using her flirtatious and confidence in her body in order to gain the advantage upon a target. Rafflesiana quickly moves across the battlefield closing the distance between herself and an opponent using her grace, usually in a series of skips or cartwheels, in which she covers some space. If enough space is covered, Rafflesiana close in on a single target enough so that she gives a kiss to her target which is actually a fiendish trick of an attack that is used to drain and whittle away some of their HP using the absorbing touch of her Rafflesian plant like cuffs upon her wrists and her fingers being able to drain away energy like roots. This is indicated by the glow of the petals upon her wrist when she kisses her opponent's or just easily touches them in a distractingly arousing manner.
[Movement(20) + 20 Drain Damage(40) + Apply Navi Element[[color=green]Wood[/color]](Free)]
Sig Points - 60
2 Turn Cooldown
(2 Day Bump)