Captain Fantastic's Awesomerific Sig Upgrades!

I have obtained 200 fresh points and I wish to put em to good use:

Dead man's Curse

Being a ghost does have a few perks, Phantasm has learnt many different curses and incantations through the years, all of which are aimed to kick the target where it hurts. Through the use of an incomprehensible long forgotten language, Phantasm summons a flaming skull from his hand, the skull laughs manically as it seeks the target. If the enemy is unfortunate enough to be hit by the attack, they would not notice any immediate effects, except for an ethereal candle floating above their head. The true effect kicks in later on, when the enemy will be hit with a sudden, damaging blow

80/300 points, 2 turn cooldown, 80 DMG - 80 points, same attribute - 0 points
(Shot type, delayed 80 DMG at the end of the next turn, Fire Attribute)

Cloak of Shadows

Being sneaky is a essential part to Phantasm's battle style, taking things one step further, he has even gained the ability to conjure a strange cloak as if from thin air, its tattered, fragile and worn out appearance is deceiving to those who see it, as it has the ability to make the first thing it touches invisible for a limited duration, whether that be Phantasm, a friend or even a foe.

80/300 points, 2 turn cooldown, 1 turn invisibility - 80 points
(Grants 1 turn invisibility to target of choice)

Graveyard of the damned

Being dead, it is only natural that Phantasm would be at home in a place filled with dead things! Not actually being able to summon the dead yet, the next best thing would be to summon their markers. With his strange powers, Phantasm summons many old tombstones and although they may be fragile, they have many different uses.

40/300, 1 turn cooldown, 20 x 2hp object summon - 40 points
(Summons 20 2hp, 2' tall tombstones; they can be summoned wherever Phantasm wills them)

Points used

Total used
Missing cooldown, and for DeadMan's curse, I'm guessing the damage is delayed until their HP gets to a certain point, or the attack cannot be used until their HP reaches 80?
I fixed the cooldowns and yes, the damage is delayed until the enemy's hp reaches 80 points.
You can do delayed damage, but the damage is inflicted after a certain number of turns, not when a virus performs a certain action, or has a set status (such as an HP total).
Okay, I changed it to deal damage at the end of the next turn.
Alrighty, looks good. Approved.