Signature Powerup

So apparently, nerfing doesn't increase the cap, it adds the points on. Which means I had 30 points sitting unused. I was planning on removing the nerf on Data Corruption since my point cap rose, but with this new development I guess I'll add some of the extra points into Viral Vulcan.

Viral Vulcan (60>90/220)

A purple tinged vulcan which fires three shots. The shots can be focused on one enemy or spread out to damage several. 2 turn cooldown.

3 hits of 20>30 damage, dividable

My points now stand at 210/220, which is what they were before, or so I thought.
That was a gross format, and I'd appreciate it if you changed it in the future to make this whole approving deal a bit easier.

But yeah, you're good.

210/220 pool used.

Viral Vulcan now does 30 damage per hit.